10 bites of Apple’s marketing genius

Communicators can emulate the tech giant’s messaging by keeping it simple, creating emotional experiences, and by developing a mystique around your craftsmanship.

No company has captured the zeitgeist better than Apple.

No matter what line of work you’re in, nor whom or what you promote, Apple’s savvy marketing offers plenty to chew on.

An infographic created by The Website Group plucks 10 of the juiciest bites from Apple’s incredible success. Here’s a taste:

  • Keep it simple. Apple’s ads don’t typically show where or how to buy their products. Instead, its commercials simply show a new gadget and “let it speak for itself.” The infographic suggests stripping down your content and using simple graphics that convey your message.
  • Create experiences, not just products. You might not have scores of hipsters queued up around the block to score your latest model, but you can add substantive sizzle to your product’s mystique. The infographic recommends “using the art of storytelling to invoke emotion” and adding “sensory dimensions to the overall delivery.” Also, free pizza is never a terrible idea.
  • Develop an aura of mystery around what you’re doing. Companies often blab incessantly about a product launch. Apple is famous for playing it cool. Share enough information to pique interest, but keep some cards up your sleeve. Being judicious about releasing information projects confidence and cachet.
  • Stand for something. Beloved organizations often take bold stands. You don’t have to take sides on religious or political issues, but your company should strive to become associated with some positive attribute, cause or principle. Apple is known for consistency and uncompromising commitment to sleek, user-friendly technology. What are you known for?

There’s plenty more to learn from Apple’s effective, efficient messaging. Read the rest of the graphic below for a bushel of marketing wisdom.



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