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Ragan Insider   |  {/%BYLINE%} {%AUTHOR%}Michael Sebastian{/%AUTHOR%} {%TITLE%}Media pans James Franco, Anne Hathaway's performance: Do you agree?{/%TITLE%} {%ALTERNATIVEURL%}{/%ALTERNATIVEURL%} {%IMAGE%}/Resource.ashx?sn=francooscarsbackstage{/%IMAGE%} {%ROLE%}87d65c27-6e78-4e5c-b423-78d47d4f2768{/%ROLE%} {%KICKER%}Social Media{/%KICKER%} {%CATEGORIESID%}055d8a23-ee23-4f9c-a2f4-df030843f312{/%CATEGORIESID%} {%CAPTION%}James Franco was tweeting from backstage. Maybe that explains why he was off.{/%CAPTION%} {%BODYCOPY%}The media is mercilessly panning James Franco, Anne Hathaway. The Hollywood Reporter called last night’s Academy Awards hosts “spectacularly bad.” The Los Angeles Times’ critique was also brutal, though slightly more forgiving. “The two delivered precisely what was expected of them—Hathaway took ‘young’ so much to heart that she actually ‘woo-hooed’ on more than one occasion while Franco sank further, further into grinning slacker-guy torpor.” Regarding that “grinning slacker-guy torpor,” Fox News quipped: “Franco’s particularly mellow performance had many backstage wondering if he was a) high, b) just didn’t want to be there, or c) both.” They forgot option d—he was too busy tweeting. Last night, Franco live tweeted from backstage at the Oscars. He even @ replied, retweeted someone in the run-up to the show. When the hosts walked onto the stage for the start of the awards, Franco was holding what appeared to be a cell phone or camera. He was capturing live footage, which he posted to Twitter. Here’s the video: (Image via){/%BODYCOPY%} {%ID%}7365{/%ID%} {%DATAID%}7100b0f9-d894-44ee-9950-8f7f41a2201a{/%DATAID%} {%CanonicalUrl%}{/%CanonicalUrl%} {%PUBLISHDATE%}2/28/2011 2:56:06 PM{/%PUBLISHDATE%} {%LINK%}{/%LINK%} {%BYLINE%}

Media pans James Franco and Anne Hathaway’s performance: Do you agree?

James Franco was tweeting from backstage. Maybe that explains why he was off.