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Ragan Insider   |  {/%BYLINE%} {%AUTHOR%}Alan Pearcy{/%AUTHOR%} {%TITLE%}Graduate’s diploma withheld for ‘Tebowing’{/%TITLE%} {%ALTERNATIVEURL%}{/%ALTERNATIVEURL%} {%IMAGE%}/Uploads/Public/tebowing.jpg{/%IMAGE%} {%ROLE%}87d65c27-6e78-4e5c-b423-78d47d4f2768{/%ROLE%} {%KICKER%}Writing, Editing{/%KICKER%} {%CATEGORIESID%}e8e0f32d-5d24-41be-86cc-a8fd29cc4619, 055d8a23-ee23-4f9c-a2f4-df030843f312, 9b04de1d-f7bc-4de7-842e-c9c833ff24e9, 1fd4d0a9-bbe2-4b5c-af5c-11dce5b9983e, 5b5f5480-7a63-458a-90a4-0b98007ec3f7{/%CATEGORIESID%} {%CAPTION%}The reason: Tim Tebow is so 2011. Plus, turning that internship into a job, Australia tops Better Life Index, topless candidates, Foursquare checks in with the IOC, Timeline redesign,, more.{/%CAPTION%} {%BODYCOPY%}Every weekday, PR Daily associate editor Alan Pearcy highlights the day’s most compelling stories, amusing marginalia on the Web in this, #TheDailySpin. We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: Tim Tebow sure knows how to make a story go viral. And this time, he didn’t even have to be present. The “excited” New York Jets quarterback was there in spirit when a senior at Bishop Verot Catholic High School in Fort Myers, Fla., had his diploma withheld after Tebowing on stage during his high school graduation. At least the school didn’t have to apologize for any embarrassing typos during the commencement ceremony (ahem, University of Texas). A Texas high school did have some apologizing to do for a section found in its yearbook dedicated to students with disabilities that unintentionally offended the pupils by describing them as “mentally retarded.” Unlike a prank pulled by eight senior girls at a school in California, no one was laughing in this case, the yearbooks were recalled. All this talk of graduation, yearbooks detracts from a similar, yet perhaps more pressing matter—what to do after getting your hands on that diploma. Maybe an internship? If that’s the scenario you’re in in, Forbes is offering some advice on how to turn that temporary gig into a full-time job. [Read: 12 tips from employer for acing PR internships] On the other hand, I occasionally wish I could return to kindergarten for a day or two, especially when I read that Illinois schools close to passing legislation that would mandate recess. Dare we press our luck that employers do the same? If not, consider packing up your things, jetting off to Australia. The Organization for Economic Cooperation, Development ranked the land Down Under the No. 1 industrialized nation in its annual Better Life Index survey, ahead of both Norway, the United States. The world’s top athletes have to be pleased with life as they prepare for sport’s grandest stage at this year’s Summer Olympics in London—perhaps as happy as Advertising Age is to unveil the new ticket design for the Games. Meanwhile, location-based service Foursquare has partnered with the International Olympic Committee to launch official badges, check-in locations. I don’t believe it’s on the list, but you’ll still want to check in on Mexican congressional hopeful Natalia Juarez, who in an effort to give voters a wake-up call, posed topless on a billboard alongside six members of her party supporters. It’s nice they were there for her. From the looks of things, she clearly wasn’t finding support elsewhere. Facebook is messing around with your top, too—the top of your Timeline view, that is. Reports Talking Points Memo, the social network is silently testing a slight redesign to users’ profiles. Ford isn’t redesigning anything. It’s just happy to have its prized logo back. After receiving a second investment-grade rating on Tuesday, the automaker was allowed to reclaim company assets, its blue oval motif chief among them. (Image via){/%BODYCOPY%} {%ID%}11736{/%ID%} {%DATAID%}551da924-bc33-4cf7-967a-3bc672792e86{/%DATAID%} {%CanonicalUrl%}{/%CanonicalUrl%} {%PUBLISHDATE%}5/24/2012 1:48:08 PM{/%PUBLISHDATE%} {%LINK%}{/%LINK%} {%BYLINE%}

Graduate’s diploma withheld for ‘Tebowing’

The reason: Tim Tebow is so 2011. Plus, turning that internship into a job, Australia tops Better Life Index, topless candidates, Foursquare checks in with the IOC, Timeline redesign, and more.