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Blog spoils Atari’s 40th birthday party

The maker of Pong and Asteroids is officially over the hill—too bad someone had to go crash the party. Plus, Google’s $1,500 glasses, ’50 Shades of Grey’ sets new paperback record, KFC’s ‘Cheese Top’ burger, PETA goes after the ‘Trollsen Twins,’ and more.

Ragan Insider   |  {/%BYLINE%} {%AUTHOR%}Alan Pearcy{/%AUTHOR%} {%TITLE%}‘Back to the Future’ hoax sweeps the Internet—AGAIN{/%TITLE%} {%ALTERNATIVEURL%}{/%ALTERNATIVEURL%} {%IMAGE%}/Uploads/Public/Back-to-the-Future-time-machine-hoax.jpg{/%IMAGE%} {%ROLE%}87d65c27-6e78-4e5c-b423-78d47d4f2768{/%ROLE%} {%KICKER%}Crisis Communications{/%KICKER%} {%CATEGORIESID%}5b5f5480-7a63-458a-90a4-0b98007ec3f7, 9b04de1d-f7bc-4de7-842e-c9c833ff24e9, 1fd4d0a9-bbe2-4b5c-af5c-11dce5b9983e, 055d8a23-ee23-4f9c-a2f4-df030843f312, e8e0f32d-5d24-41be-86cc-a8fd29cc4619{/%CATEGORIESID%} {%CAPTION%}Meet the man behind the ruse. Plus, Madam Secretary’s record-breaking travels, Windows Phone fashions, Asian-Americans angry with Pew, Ann Curry makes it official, an unbeatable ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ robot,, more.{/%CAPTION%} {%BODYCOPY%} Every weekday, PR Daily associate editor Alan Pearcy highlights the day’s most compelling stories, amusing marginalia on the Web in this, #TheDailySpin. It’s almost aspirational to hear people insist that the future is, indeed, now. That is, unless they’re referring to the date from the movie “Back to the Future II.” In that instance, it’s not so much aspirational as it is wrong. An image that went viral (again) via the social Web on Wednesday fooled many people into thinking that June 27, 2012 was the date set in the DeLorean from the second installment of the popular movie franchise. The actual date is Oct. 21, 2015. Steve Barry, the man behind the hoax, explains to Mashable that his team “figured that no one would fall for the same joke twice.” Well, they did. Traveling to the future might be on Hillary Clinton’s list of places to visit. If so, it’s one of the few remaining destinations. According to New York magazine, “Madam Secretary”—who on Thursday traveled to Latvia, her 100th country—has broken the record as the most-traveled U.S. Secretary of State in history. As for time travel, that’s something we’re used to at PR Daily. As a matter of fact, just a couple of weeks ago, we journeyed back to 1986 to bring you Apple’s awesomely tacky clothing line. For a glimpse of Microsoft’s recent ventures into the world of fashion, we don’t have to go back nearly as far. Check out this Windows Phone swag. Google, meanwhile, is sticking with what it knows—technology. The company unveiled its Lexus 7 tablet optimized for content from Google Play. See CNET editors’ hands-on take of the new rival device. Perhaps one of the more surprising aspects about Google’s new tablet isn’t any of its impressive specs, but that the back of the device says, “Designed, Manufactured in the U.S.A.” Reports The New York Times, Google isn’t alone on the trend. Speaking of The New York Times, according to Businessweek, the newspaper hopes to expand its online audience by publishing a free Chinese-language version for the Web. The Chinese are just one ethnicity comprising a larger Asian-American population in the U.S., a demographic angered by a recent Pew Research Center study that more than 30 Asian, Pacific Island groups claim “perpetuates false stereotypes.” As a member of the Asian-American community, Ann Curry’s take on the controversial study would be an interesting one. Too bad Curry, while fighting back tears, officially announced her departure on Thursday from NBC’s “Today” program. Rupert Murdoch also made a big announcement that rocked the media world. His company, News Corp., will split into two new companies. You can read Murdoch’s full memo to his colleagues explaining the divide here. I’d much rather prefer someone explain how this robot is so good at Rock, Paper, Scissors. (via Creativity) {/%BODYCOPY%} {%ID%}12002{/%ID%} {%DATAID%}db26457b-98d3-4145-a8b6-cbc864db9842{/%DATAID%} {%CanonicalUrl%}{/%CanonicalUrl%} {%PUBLISHDATE%}6/29/2012 1:50:11 PM{/%PUBLISHDATE%} {%LINK%}{/%LINK%} {%BYLINE%}

‘Back to the Future’ hoax sweeps the Internet—AGAIN

Meet the man behind the ruse. Plus, Madam Secretary’s record-breaking travels, Windows Phone fashions, Asian-Americans angry with Pew, Ann Curry makes it official, an unbeatable ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ robot, and more.

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25 signs you work in social media

Some people are addicted to social media, others rely on it for their livelihoods. If you earn your paycheck thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and the myriad other social networking platforms, this post is for you.