25 worst pieces of jargon

PR pros working to eliminate corporate speak cringe when they hear these buzzwords—especially since they’re growing in usage. Which do you hate?

If you’ve recently spent time in a corporate communications environment, chances are you’ve heard your share of corporate-speak.

No one likes it. I visibly and reflexively cringe whenever I hear someone drop the word “leverage” into casual conversation as a smart-sounding substitute for the word “use.”

Call it what you will—jargon, clichés, buzzwords, corporatese—just watch out for it in your PR copy. If you don’t recognize these words immediately, there’s a chance you might be one of the culprits who routinely use terms such as:

  • synergize
  • deep dive
  • game changing
  • innovate
  • ideate

When we overuse the words above (along with other jargon), they can lose their meaning very quickly.

Check out the following infographic from GetVoip for a list of the worst offenders—along with usage frequency:

What buzzwords do you wish to banish, PR Daily readers?


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