45 days of planning and no retweets: Is it worth it?

In response to a Business Insider article about digital firm Huge, Twitter users debated the value of meticulously strategizing and reworking a single tweet.

Over the weekend, Business Insider published this inside look at digital agency Huge and its creative process, including how it took the agency 45 days to create this tweet for President Cheese, from conception to execution:

The process of creating the tweet took a copywriter, designer, the input of 10 to 20 strategists, went through a rigorous internal approval process, and had to be approved by President Cheese, too. Here’s what they got out of it, according to BI: “Thus far, the post has yet to be retweeted, but it has generated two favorites.” Helen Lewis, deputy editor at the New Statesman, tweeted about the seeming cognitive dissonance between that long planning process and the lack of much return:

Her tweet set off a debate about tweets as business. Here are a few of the responses:

The post now has 85 retweets and nearly 500 favorites, presumably as a result of the attention it got from Business Insider and the subsequent discussion of the article (bolstering the theory that the whole thing was an attention grab). President Cheese weighed in on the discussion about the long-in-the-works tweet with this one that clearly didn’t take as long to craft:

What do you think, PR Daily readers? Is this all sneaky marketing, or did Huge spend 45 days on a tweet that no one retweeted? Should it have? (Image via)


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