5 helpful hints for writing at night

Can’t devote time to your craft in the morning? Do not despair. You can set aside 15 to 30 minutes every evening, but there are caveats. Here’s how to burn the midnight silicon wisely.

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I’d give every would-be writer the determination to produce at least 250 words (or, better, 500) first thing in the morning, starting within 15 minutes of waking up. (Note: I’ve never promoted getting up at 6 a.m. or earlier to write unless you really want to do that.)

I’m neither the Queen nor Harry Potter. I also know that many writers are either parents of young children or night owls who—for a variety of perfectly sensible reasons—can’t possibly write in the morning.

If you must write in the evening, here are five suggestions:

1. Declare your writing time, and let everyone know about it. If it’s 10 p.m., tell your partner and your kids (if you have them). Let them know they cannot interrupt you for X number of minutes. I suggest you devote at least 15 minutes to writing and absolutely no more than 60.


By the way, if you really want to write for 60 minutes, start with something smaller and build up to it. Just as marathoners don’t run 25 miles on the first day of training, you shouldn’t leave the blocks expecting to hit 60 minutes on the first day.

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