50 writing productivity ideas

Want to boost your brain power? Turn off your phone, shut down email, put a time limit on meetings, and go outside to get the blood flowing.

Writing for a living is a grind.

Every day you must summon the will to scratch out words in a pleasing, productive manner. Writers are locked in an eternal struggle against time, creativity, doubt and distrac— Whoa! Did you see that honey badger video?!

If you need a jolt to jot more substantive prose, Write to Done has an infographic featuring 50 writing productivity prompts and tips.

Here are a few choice cuts:

  • Silence your phone.
  • Black out or delete background tabs or notifications.
  • Mute your Gmail with an “Inbox Pause” function.
  • Go for a brisk walk. (Exercise boosts brain power.)
  • Listen to ambient music.
  • Automate tedious tasks.
  • Quit Facebook (at least partially).
  • Avoid meetings, or at least limit them to 15 minutes.
  • Track your time.
  • Try a dictation app.
  • Write tomorrow’s “to-do” list tonight.
  • Complete your creative work first.
  • Don’t check email until you’ve worked for two hours.
  • Break big tasks into bite-size pieces.

There’s no one-size-fits-all secret to writing productivity. Hugo wrote in the buff. Kafka preferred an “exhaustion” method that left him “permanently on the verge of collapse.” Of course, he died at 40, but you get the idea. Different (pen) strokes for different folks.

Read through the rest of the graphic below for more tips to boost your writing productivity.

50 Productivity Tips to Boost Your Brainpower (#Infographic)


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