8 common blog missteps

PR and marketing pros new to the content game might be cutting their clients’ blog reach with these mistakes. Here’s a guide to getting back on track. 

The most common question for PR pros and content marketers creating a blog is a simple one: How do I get started?

The simple answer is to start writing—now.

However, any veteran blogger with an armful of articles can tell you that it’s not always that easy. You’re going to make mistakes.

An excellent post from Mike Wallagher on StartBloggingOnline.com outlines the eight biggest mistakes that new bloggers make, which are:

1. Setting an unrealistic publishing schedule

2. Not using headers/whitespace

3. Using “click here” in links instead of real keywords

4. Not using images

5. Not answering your comments

6. Not adding social media sharing options

7. Not using analytics

8. Not showing recent/popular posts

Under each mistake, Wallagher outlines how you can rectify your misstep to boost your blog’s traffic and increase your content’s reach. Take, for example, the mistake of not adding online sharing buttons to your blog.

Wallagher says you should advertise both your blog and its content—Garrett Moon, CoSchedule’s founder, revealed that using social media to share blog posts can double your blog’s traffic—but you should also make it easy for readers to share your posts online:

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… Instead of forcing them to copy and paste your URL, blogger Joshua Benton found that you might gain as much as 20% more Twitter traffic through Tweet buttons.

This applies across all platforms, from old favorites like Facebook and Twitter, to new trends like Pinterest. Just be sure that you don’t overload your page with sharing options, or you may actually drive users away.

Wallagher also says that button placement on your blog matters:

Slapping social media buttons on the bottom of your blog and calling it a day isn’t good enough—studies show that most visitors will click the top- and left-side of your blog most often. Display your social media icons prominently so that your users don’t have to hunt.

When you make sharing easy, people are more likely to respond. So what are you waiting for? Adding social media buttons is easy and the ROI might be huge.

Learn how to fix the other mistakes in Wallagher’s post and by checking out his infographic below:


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