8 social media blunders to avoid

Refrain from religious or political hot takes, control the urge to post irrelevant viral videos, don’t talk trash about customers, and please—please—do not try to capitalize on tragedy.

Certain things are better left unsaid.

On social media, there are millions of things that should probably remain unuttered, unposted and untweeted, but Red Website Design has a helpful infographic that narrows the list to eight:

1. Negative posts about customers or clients

Don’t talk trash about people—even if they fully deserve it.

2. Irrelevant viral content

Newsjacking is acceptable, but trying to score cheap points by haphazardly posting links to surfing Komodo dragon videos or the latest Ukrainian parliament brawl can ding your credibility. Desperation is a stinky cologne.

3. Political or religious posts

Don’t force your hot takes about Zoroastrianism or political hot potatoes on your social media followers. Unless, of course, your stock-in-trade is riling the masses.

4. Content that isn’t proofread or edited

Why would anyone entrust you with their hard-earned cash if you can’t spell?

5. Attempts to capitalize on tragedy

The graphic recalls this tasteless gaffe from Cinnabon, which drew ire from all corners. Unfortunately, many more have tried and failed to use tragedies to sell stuff. Don’t go there. Don’t go anywhere near there.

6. Too much overtly promotional content

No one likes a pushy salesman. As the infographic says:

The purpose of social media is to build influence, increase brand awareness and develop great customer relationships. At least 80 percent of your content should be dedicated to that.

7. Misleading posts

Clickbait headlines cause more trouble than they’re worth. Why risk angering your audience with a bait-and-switch? If you need another reason to stop this practice, Facebook is clamping down on misleading headlines.

8. Unattributed content

“Give credit where credit is due.”— Samuel Adams (maybe)

Sail through the rest of the infographic below for pointers on how to avoid costly online faux pas.

8 Things You Should Never Share on Social Media [Infographic] | Social Media Today


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