8 steps to better social media marketing

Getting positive traction online doesn’t happen by accident. Follow this sound advice to craft a smarter digital strategy.

It’s one thing to be on social media; it’s quite another to be good at it.

Here to help in this confusing cyber quest are the people of Digital Marketing Philippines, who’ve created an infographic to improve your online messaging. They offer eight tips to keep your footing in the shifting sands of social media marketing.

The infographic’s first ort of advice is to “go deep, not broad” by focusing your efforts on no more than three platforms at a time. As you cultivate an audience, you’ll see where your message resonates and where you get crickets.

Don’t forget to explore niche sites as well (the graphic mentions Wayn to reach travel and tourism people and Etsy to find more artistic types)—you might find your most avid fans there.

As for rising above the competitive din, the graphic recommends using influencers and video to amplify your message. The infographic cites a survey that found “84 percent of consumers said they were convinced to make a purchase after viewing a brand’s video.” You’d be hard pressed to find a social media platform not banking on video as the future of content marketing.

Digital Marketing Philippines also advises optimizing Facebook ads to reach your most likely prospects, taking bold steps to expand your audience and varying content formats to avoid becoming white noise.

They conclude with a call to build genuine relationships with your audience, along with a reminder to stay patient. Social media success is primarily about consistency and perseverance.

Take a gander at the graphic below to ensure your social media strategy is on point.



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