Email Marketing Campaign

Reinvigorated email newsletter showcases how powerful a marketing tool email can be

Research and strategy drove the approach to the short, story-based newsletter.

FLOR: Using Social Spotlights to Increase Customer Engagement and Revenue Through Email- Logo

Digital marketing agency Nebo had a challenge on its hands when it took an email newsletter assignment from FLOR, a rug company. The transformation Nebo accomplished has won first place in the “Email Marketing Campaign” category of PR Daily’s 2019 Digital Marketing & Social Media Awards.

FLOR had already shuttered all but three of its brick-and-mortar stores, opting to pitch its expensive and unconventional approach to rugs via e-commerce. (Customers assemble their FLOR rugs from individual carpet tiles, using adhesive dots to hold them together, creating custom rugs in a variety of shapes and sizes.)

FLOR’s email newsletter had been around for several years when Nebo came aboard. Nebo started off with a competitive analysis of competitor email programs, along with other research. The agency learned competing would be hard if FLOR didn’t position its weaknesses as strengths. For example, FLOR couldn’t compete against other brands’ discounts and sales, so it made sense to position the company as a luxury, high-end brand.

The Social Spotlight Email Campaign was coordinated closely with the company’s website, catalogs and social media accounts. FLOR already featured a social influencer for each season; the email campaign incorporated the influencer’s story into short, visually compelling emails. The templates for the newsletters took advantage of live text, which maintains a readable size on any device and displays even when images won’t.

By sharing influencer stories in so visually arresting a format—without taxing a reader’s time—Nebo was able to generate an 87% revenue increase and a 57% increase in conversion rates. The email open rate was an astounding 22.7%.

Congratulations to the entire Nebo team.

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