Illustration or Animated Design

Motion graphic makes locomotive axle generator arresting and engaging

Graphic simplified complex, data-driven subject matter.

ZTR AxleGen Video- Logo

ZTR Control Systems’ rail division approached the company’s communication team with a request for a video about the ZTR AxleGen, which it would link to from within its monthly newsletter. The division sought a visually appealing and engaging way to demonstrate the benefits of the axle generator, differentiating it from the competition. The result has earned first place in the “Illustrated or Animated Design” category of Ragan’s Video & Visual Awards.

The challenge of showing the size and technical abilities of the product and how it benefits locomotives was clear, but the team didn’t have much other direction, leading to the development of a fresh vision, storyboard and copy.

The team sought to ensure the viewer of the graphic—ideally a potential customer—would understand the benefits of the product without needing a lot of experience with or knowledge about the locomotive industry. The visuals were selected to convey the information in an easy-to-understand matter (using mostly Adobe After Effects, with graphics and illustrations created in Illustrator and Photoshop, along with some 3D animation produced in Cinema 4D).

Once it was distributed as a news post on the ZTR website, the video was so well received that it has been displayed at industry events like the Rail Interchange, North America’s largest rail industry exhibition. ZTR’s commercial team has also used the video during information sessions and sales presentations, driving significant lead generation and sales conversions.

Congratulations to the team of Daniel Goldberg, Dawn Lyons, James Greenhill and Colleen Burghardt.

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