Blogging trends for content marketers

Online publishing is a popular tactic for many marketing pros. This infographic will show you how you stack up against full-time bloggers. 

Blogging for business has gone from perceived trend to a valuable business tool that helps achieve real marketing objectives.

How are bloggers approaching their work in this age of content marketing—and how do marketers’ efforts compare?

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A survey by Orbit Media Studios says that bloggers spend more time creating blog posts, with the average post taking about two and a half hours to write.

More than half (54 percent) of the 1,000 bloggers surveyed said that they can knock out a blog post in an hour or two.

As for frequency, nearly a quarter of bloggers publish between two and six posts per week, with the second highest percentage of bloggers posting weekly.

When it comes to length, 500-1,000 words is still the sweet spot; 61.3 percent of respondents said that’s where they keep their posts.

For more insights, check out the Orbit Media Studios infographic below:


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