Connect your hospital blog with your community

Blogs connect your community hospital with the online health care community. You need to establish a plan and a niche to expand your hospital’s presence on the Web.

Let’s get into it:

Strategy-determining questions:

  • What is your overall plan?
  • Who is your niche audience?
  • What are your goals?

The answers to these questions will help tailor your team’s efforts to one common goal. With 59 percent of Americans now looking online for medical information, it’s essential to make your hospital’s knowledge, specialties and resources available on the Web.

Establish a niche

Though blogs are a cheap, simple way to present lots of data and information online, an effective blog is written with intention. Defining a clear target audience for your hospital’s blog(s) is just as important as in traditional forms of marketing. Once you determine who you are writing for, you can write on topics relevant to that audience.

Niche blogging narrows the focus of your message and allows you to connect on a deeper level. For example, your blog could focus on life after cancer, the struggles of parenthood or the challenges of running a hospital. Can’t decide on one audience or topic? Consider creating multiple blogs—just be sure you have the time and material to maintain them all.

Drive traffic and generate discussion

Blogs are a great way to direct traffic to your community hospital’s website and social media accounts. Make these links prominent on your blog. This will establish and interlink your community hospital’s web presence. Individuals who would not have otherwise stumbled upon your hospital site may be driven there by a compelling blog post. Enable comments on your blog posts to encourage discussions. Remember that health care is a personal business, and you must connect on a personal level. Interacting with potential staff, patients or members of the health care community can boost your hospital’s brand and reputation.

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