Editor’s note: We’re in this together

Communicators, you are not alone. We’re here to help.


I’ve spent most of my journalism career writing about and for you—the communicator.

I’ve watched you weather storms and come out stronger, update crisis plans after tough lessons learned, adapt your comms strategy to an ever-changing work force, not to mention social media, which—at one time—upended how and where and how often you communicate.

I’ve been your cheerleader, rooting for you at every turn—to get a seat at the table, to persuade your boss to get you that extra staffer or higher budget. To help prove that what you do matters; that the words we use matter.

I’ve never seen messaging matter more than now in the face of COVID-19.

Communications—your role—is critical as we face a crisis of epic proportions. Over the years, I’ve seen and heard you advocate for consistent, honest and transparent communication with employees as the cornerstone of corporate trust. You’re right—and it matters more than never. Employees, managers, and even your CEO—are looking to you for guidance, reassurance and counsel.

I’ve never worked as a communicator, yet I’ve always viewed Ragan.com and PR Daily as an extension of your department. We are your virtual extra staffer—we are here to arm you with content to help you navigate this uncertain, unprecedented time. Our mission has always been to provide ideas, inspiration and guidance to help your every day, and this is no different.

Ragan is your community. Lean on us for support. We’re not going anywhere and we’re here to help.

So, share your ideas, tips, best practices and everything in between with me. Email me at Roulaa@ragan.com and tell me: What is working for you? What’s your biggest pain point? How are you reaching remote employees? How are you engaging employees? What technologies have you adopted during the quarantine to communicate with your department? How can I help?

I have the utmost faith in you, dear reader. I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you. You are a smart and impressive group of professionals.

We will get through this together.

– Roula Amire, VP, Editorial


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    Ronald N. Levy says:

    True! Our employers may be hurt by many menaces that communicators can help to ward off. PR Daily is like a top medical journal that keeps readers informed of what opportunities and techniques there are—plus which measures seem to be working best.

    The Ragan courses, although I have no idea how online education works, certainly help graduates not only to know more but also look better to recruiters. Who wouldn’t prefer to hire a candidate who not only has other qualifications but who has also demonstrated high motivation by taking courses?

    Also to corporate and association executives, one PR person may sound like another and it can seem hard to tell them apart. So if one has won one or more of Ragan’s various awards, an employer may feel safer hiring the award winner.

    When the current health and stock market crises end, we may see a huge increase in employer demand for PR experts who can do the positive—bring in money from sales and government action—and ward off the peril of activists and lawyers eager to sue any organization a jury may already dislike.

    Like individuals, companies may do a lot of good and deserve equal rights. Like defense lawyers, PR people can help protect organizations and enforce those rights. And like a top medical journal, PR Daily is keeping readers informed of what choices there are and which ones are working best, helping experts to be even more successful.

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