Fact-verification checklist for content marketers

Getting information wrong can ruin your credibility and zap your campaign’s effectiveness. This graphic offers a helpful outline for ensuring your editorial ducks are in a row.

Three cheers for accuracy!

Amid the tsunami of fake news, skepticism about the legitimacy of content and outright hostility for the written word, fact-checking is making a comeback.

For content marketers keen on getting it right, Visme has created a handy infographic. The checklist jogs your Journalism 101 memory to spell names correctly, cite primary sources, double-check your math, confirm attribution and verify dates and times. Even in the freewheeling world of content marketing, just one misstatement can ruin your piece and tarnish your credibility. A simple typo can cause serious financial damage.

The infographic also suggests confirming phone numbers and email addresses before hitting publish, as well as making sure links lead to the right pages. There’s also guidance for handling clunky quotes and controversial statements in your copy.

Making a mistake or omitting facts is no longer just a ding to your professional pride. The internet makes everyone who posts content online subject to worldwide scrutiny, which cuts both ways. Your content marketing might ignite sales, but it can also cause a PR fiasco. (Mistakes tend to do more of the latter.)

Before pushing send or going to print on your next content marketing campaign, get your facts straight. Your credibility depends on it. You might consider ticking the boxes on the graphic below as you finish up your next piece.

(Download full-size image here.)

fact-checking checklist for content marketers infographic


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