How PR pros can create powerful blog posts

If you’re not getting the views you’d like on your organization’s blog, there are steps you can take to make your content more appealing. Here’s the anatomy of a stellar article.

If you’re going to do the work to craft a blog post, take the time to do it right.

Corporate blogs have been ubiquitous for several years, but it’s surprising how often posts fall short of excellence. Fear not, PR pros: There are tips and reminders to help keep your posts in tip-top shape.

Before you click “publish” on your next piece of content, consider the following:

1. Does your post have a strong headline?

2. Does your content link to other sources and cite research? Is it grounded in timely facts?

3. Is it pleasant to the eye? Do you have long blocks of text? (If so, revise.) Do you break up your prose with subheads, pull quotes and images? (If so, good job.)

4. Did you include strong, meaningful imagery with your post?

5. Have you applied proper search-engine optimization techniques?

If your answers are “yes,” click the “publish” button. If any answer is “no,” you might have work to do.

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If your answer is, “I don’t know how to accomplish these things,” refer you to the infographic below, from Three Girls Media:


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