How storytelling has changed over the years

Effective PR efforts, including the focus on brand journalism, has pushed communicators to sharpen their storytelling skills. Here’s how far we’ve come. 

Communicators have come far since Merriam-Webster named “blog” its 2014 Word of the Year.

You moved right past the iPod to the iPhone, learning how to tell interesting stories on mobile devices. Now we’re telling interactive stories that transcend mediums and break boldly into new channels, such as virtual and augmented reality.

You should be proud!

At the heart of it all, good storytelling reigns. The ability to remain authentic, possess a genuine voice and communicate valuable information in an effective manner will always be a skill in high demand.

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Before you pat yourself on the back for a job well done for the past decade (and then some), take a look at how you’ve gotten here. It’s good for PR pros to know from where you’ve come.

Carabiner Communications is celebrating 12 years of storytelling, and in honor of that milestone, it created an infographic that details some of the ways the craft has grown and changed in that time.

Check it out below:


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