Infographic: 23 essential YouTube stats for communicators

Is YouTube the right or wrong channel for your next message? Here are some figures to help you analyze your online video options.

YouTube is the No. 1 online video site—and an increasingly popular social media site as well.

That means it shouldn’t be ignored by communicators looking to make a splash or stretch limited resources. 

This infographic from Hootsuite shares telling numbers to help you determine whether YouTube is a viable option for your next campaign.

Key insights include:

  • Around 80% of 15- to 25-year-olds in the U.S. frequent YouTube.
  • About 70% of what people watch is determined by the platform’s algorithm.
  • YouTube is the second-most-preferred app for watching video on TV screens. 

To learn all about how YouTube can have an impact for your organization, read the full infographic.


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