Infographic: 24 tips for building a better website

As more commerce moves online, communicators must ensure that websites are well designed and offer plenty of value to keep audiences coming back for more. Here are some helpful tricks.

You know your website is a crucial tool for attracting attention, developing a following and connecting with customers at every step of the buyer’s journey.

However, best practices for website design and content are continually changing as Google and other internet giants change the algorithms that govern the online ecosystem. To know your website is maximizing its reach, you have to know something about design, coding, SEO and so much more.

This infographic from Vertical Response offers suggestions to help you optimize your website and boost SEO.

Top tips include:

  • Pick two or three fonts and colors and maintain your theme across your entire website.
  • Focus on the needs of your site’s visitors to create valuable content and experiences.
  • Consider running a split test of your website to see how to improve your offerings.

To learn more about developing and managing your website to attract bigger crowds, read the full infographic.

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