Infographic: 8 fresh graphic design trends for 2020

Brace for muted palettes, gradients, abstract illustrations and minimalist landing pages. Sorry, magenta, you can take the year off.

Sleek, stylish, eye-catching design can turn a milquetoast content factory into a bustling, moneymaking avocado toast operation.

The design team at Venngage is here to help you shake the dust and rust off that musty design scheme of yours with eight hot visual trends for 2020. Popular schemes and themes to watch for:

  • Muted color palettes. Perhaps we flew too high on the wings of chartreuse and fuchsia last year. Before you rebrand your logos and collateral in eye-burning magenta, take note of Venngage’s guidance that “designers are stepping back from the vivid and bold color trends of last year” in favor of more “muted” colors.

Welcome back, brown! How do you do, falu, smaragdine and coquelicot?

  • Abstract and dreamy illustrations. “Simple” illustrations won’t sufficiently attract eyeballs in 2020, according to the piece. “Abstract” and “dreamy” illustrations are in. If you’re looking for some creative inspiration, check out Etsy, or peruse a slew of available tools that can elevate your design efforts.
  • Minimalist landing pages. Barebones pages are hot right now—though it’s about more than mere aesthetics. According to Venngage, “More brands are taking a minimalist approach to their homepages to achieve better load times and compatibility with mobile devices.”

Strip out clutter and clunky graphics to create streamlined, SEO-friendly landing pages.

You can probably also scrap the pics of employees jumping together or the one where everyone’s hands are on top of each other.

What other design trends are hot heading into 2020? Read the rest of the infographic to find out.


4 Responses to “Infographic: 8 fresh graphic design trends for 2020”

    Heather Griffith, writer/editor for Platform Magazine says:

    This was a very interesting read. It’s always important to reflect on the trends of the past and how we anticipate they will change as we move forward into the new year. I especially loved the tip about shifting toward abstract and dreamy illustrations. In the past few years, there has been a large emphasis on keeping things clean and simple, but I think this shift will bring a new edge to branding and to the graphic design world.

    Theresa says:

    This is such a great concise breakdown of new trends. I can see these changes in the media I consume already and I’m excited to implement them in my designs in 2020!

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