Infographic: Are marketers fibbing about social media video efforts?

Video is a major player on digital channels and offers many benefits, but are brand managers really using it the way they say they do? This graphic can guide your efforts.

Marketers talk a big game when it comes to social media video.

The medium dominates digital feeds and is a powerful way to tell your client’s or organization’s story. It can lead to increased engagement, brand visibility, web traffic, leads and revenue.

Most brand managers say it’s essential, but are they really giving it as much attention as they claim?

According to Animoto’s “State of Social Video Trends Report,” the simple answer is no.

It compiled its findings of disparity between what marketers say about social media video and what they are actually doing, along with tips for success in this infographic.

Key insights include:

  • Ninety-three percent of brand managers say social media video has helped land a new client, but 75 percent feel held back from creating videos in some way.
  • Eighty-five percent of marketers say they take mobile viewing into account when making a video, but only 26 percent actually considered square or vertical video.
  • Many marketers claim they want to use video to “showcase personality” and “connect with customers,” but the top three reasons they created video were all sales driven.

For more insight and ways to improve your social media video marketing efforts, check out the full infographic.


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