Infographic: Handy media interview checklist

Don’t get caught off guard on air. Anticipate tough questions, narrow down your talking points, and never forget that the mic might still be hot.

Does public speaking terrify you?

Glossophobia can be debilitating, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be an effective on-air spokesperson. You just might need a bit more practice and prep before your next interview.

If you’d like to become an airtime ace, the Crisis Management blog posted an infographic that offers 33 tips to prepare for journalist jabs and reporter repartee. Here’s a sample of the guidance:

  • Clarify the topic. Study up on key subjects surrounding the chief interview topic.
  • Are you the right spokesperson? If the subject matter is entirely outside your wheelhouse, and if you have someone on staff with niche expertise, maybe let her handle this one.
  • Prepare for tough questions. Try to anticipate potentially thorny questions the interviewer might throw at you. Ask a colleague to hurl some high and tight heaters about touchy subjects that force you to formulate safe, thoughtful responses.
  • Research the interviewer. The infographic cites advice from Lewis Howes: “Research the person interviewing you, and find mutual points of connection. Ask about their main goal for the interview.”
  • Identify three to five key messages. Don’t overload your brain with information; stick to a manageable amount of talking points you want to emphasize.
  • Have relevant statistics on hand. It always helps to have stats and data to back your claims.
  • During the interview, don’t lie, use jargon or trash a competitor. Ever.
  • Don’t forget your mic is on. Spare yourself from internet infamy. Mind your mouth and manners, lest you end up with a (NSFW) “We’ll do it live!” moment.
  • After the interview, send a thank-you note. Hopefully, it went well. If not, still show class and gratitude for the opportunity.

Regardless of your experience or confidence level, it’s unwise to enter the interview arena unprepared. Review the rest of the tips below to handle your next appearance with aplomb.


One Response to “Infographic: Handy media interview checklist”

    Jewel says:

    Great article, I used and refined the tips within to better prepare my staff, students and faculty for Q&A sessions and applicant-family facing panels at my school. A real gem!

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