Infographic: How to combine email and social media efforts

Both campaigns can be more effective if they work together. Here are five ways you should consider coordinating the two.

Email has better conversion rate than social media—but social media channels can help expand your email list.

According to a report from Payfort, an email is six times more likely to get a click-through than a tweet. However, your email success requires constant nurturing of your email lists.

Social media can help with that.

This infographic from Payfort suggests five ways to use social media to drive consumers to your email list.

They include:

  • Encourage your network to share your email and engage with your email newsletter.
  • Use content snippets from your newsletter for social media posts.
  • Use a mailing list signup app on your Facebook page.

To learn more about how your social media and email marketing content efforts can work together, read the full infographic.



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