Infographic: The ABCs of personal branding

Turning yourself into an industry leader requires developing your unique voice and aesthetic. Here are some ways you can build yourself into an icon in your field.

How can PR pros develop into recognized industry leaders? It starts by cultivating a personal brand.

Your social media channels, online presence, reputation and more can be carefully managed to create a brand that stands for excellence and innovation. It can lead to public speaking gigs, industry leadership groups and other forms of recognition.

What makes up your personal brand?

This infographic from The Road to Recognition offers insights on how to develop your personal brand with an A-to-Z list of essential branding tenets.

The list includes:

  • Grow your social media following with engagement and a consistent posting schedule.
  • Google yourself to see how the rest of the world sees you.
  • Network by attending industry events and corresponding with other pros.

Learn how to develop your professional brand by reading the full infographic.


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