Infographic: The true value of business communications

You might be adept at sharing external messages, but nailing the messaging to internal audiences can be just as crucial for your bottom line. Here are some mistakes to avoid.

Engaging with employees is becoming more and more important for external communicators.

Employees are crucial brand ambassadors, subject matter experts and resources for delivering key messages. Plus, any internal culture problem can quickly spiral into a public crisis. 

So, how can communicators take more ownership of the internal workplace dynamics that can make or break your organization’s reputation?

This infographic from Rider University shares why communication is so valuable in the workplace, along with common mistakes you must avoid.

The list of errors includes:

  • Lack of specificity in messaging
  • Offering negative instructions
  • Inappropriate tone/wording

To learn more about how to improve the communications that keep your workplace humming, read the full infographic. 


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