Infographic: What editors want in a guest post pitch

Sick of sending out hundreds of pitches that don’t get any bites? This guide offers reporters’ insights for PR pros hoping to land coverage from top media outlets.

Piquing a reporter’s interest is step one in landing coverage for your content—but it’s an art that many have yet to master.

Standing out among hundreds of daily pitches journalists receive is no simple task, but there are ways to catch their eye and earn a second glance.

Here are a couple hints to get you started: Your generic, catch-all subject line and copy will probably not win you any admirers. A lack of research prior to reaching out to these editorial gatekeepers will have the same effect.

PointVisible, in partnership with Pitchbox, surveyed more than 80 journalists to discover their guest post pitching dos and don’ts, and then compiled the findings into this infographic.

Insights include:

  • Nearly 55 percent of journalists surveyed say they prefer when subject lines are straightforward.
  • “Grammar mistakes” (78.3 percent) and “obvious mass template” (71 percent) are the most common reasons reporters will ignore your pitch.
  • Providing an interesting topic suggestion is the most important element of your pitch.
  • “If you want to stand out more than anyone, do some pre-outreach. The quickest way to do this is to get to know bloggers by signing up for their email list and engaging with them before you pitch a guest post.”
  • Adam Connell, founder of Blogging Wizard

For more insight into how to get your pitch picked up by journalists rather than tossed in the digital trash bin, check out the full infographic.


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