Infographic: Your email marketing checklist for 2020

Are you making new connections with your efforts or just burning through contacts and ruining your sender reputation? Here are crucial steps to take when emailing this year.


Outdated email practices could be undermining your brand reputation.

Email remains a cost-effective and powerful tool for reaching your customers. However, if you aren’t taking important steps, spam filters and email software will slowly choke off access to your subscribers.

How can marketers make sure their messages remain relevant and essential for recipients?

This infographic from DMW Direct shares a quick checklist to review every time you start an email campaign.

Top steps include:

  • Format for the masses.
  • Consider the users’ online experience.
  • Maintain clean lists with CRM tools.

To learn more about the ways you can make your email work better in the coming year, see the full infographic.


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