Let’s take a deep-dive into internal business jargon that change agents and communicators should not run up the flagpole in 2021

A new Verizon survey lists the most grating, frustrating phrases to excise from your prose in the new year.

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The painful events of 2020 have stripped away much of the veneer and pretense from business communication. Or at least they should. If there’s a watchword to guide your internal comms efforts in 2021, it’s authenticity.

In 2021, employees want—and deserve—clear, concise and emotive information. That means “going the extra mile” to cut clutter and chop stilted jargon from your copy. It means cutting the BS and writing with color and unvarnished candor.

Verizon has published results from a recent survey that lists irksome terms writers should avoid in 2021. Topping the cut list is “analysis paralysis,” followed by notorious offenders such as “boil an ocean,” “all hands on deck,” and the mildly menacing, ever-creepy “I’ll ping you.” (Please refrain from pinging me or “touching my base,” thank you very much.)

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