Microsoft launches a Pinterest-like social network

The platform, Socl, enables members to create and share collages.

Microsoft on Tuesday launched a brand-new social network Socl (pronounced “social”) that gives members a platform to create collages.

The site, which began as an experiment in social search for students, has grown into a place “where people connect over shared interests expressed through beautiful post collages,” according to the Socl blog.

More than likely, the site will remind you of Pinterest.

Two questions come to my mind regarding this new platform, or any new platform, for that matter.

1. What does it offer that no other platform offers?
2. How will brands ruin leverage it?

VentureBeat breaks it down for us:

“At its core, Socl is all about search, but search dressed up in pretty, image-rich collections. Posts take the shape of photo collages that members put together from Bing search results around terms or topics. Each image, video, or search listing in a collage links to the original web source. Members can comment, tag, like (technically ‘:)’ at), and share posts to other social networks. People can also “riff” on posts, which is a feature that looks to be like a more open-ended version of Twitter’s retweet. You can be inspired by a cat collage and then go on to make your own, for instance.”

Thus far, it appears the answer to question No. 1 is, “Very little if not nothing at all.” Socl lets users create collages, so it resembles Pinterest (and if that’s the case, it will likely skew female.) They also have a group video “parties” feature that sounds an awful lot like Google Hangouts.

The answer to question No. 2 is a bit more complex. It will require some initial partnerships. It’s a visual platform, so look for the fashion industry to be the first to jump in, followed by food.

Puppies and kittens will garner the most attention though, which is our new reality.

Regardless, consider it yet another social network you should acquaint yourself with.


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