Plus: Topps makes a baseball card of fan hit with ball; E.l.f. boosts marketing spend for simple reason.

Today’s Headlines: 05.27.2024


The Scoop: The battle over Scarlett Johansson’s voice

Plus: Topps makes a baseball card of fan hit with ball; E.l.f. boosts marketing spend for simple reason.

Internal Email Communications Benchmarks 2024 from PoliteMail

Maintaining consistent and effective corporate communications among a remote or hybrid workforce can pose a significant challenge.

By the Numbers: If TikTok is banned, this is where users say they’ll spend time instead

Plus how users expect the potential banning to impact their favorite creators.

5 media relations takeaways, 5 months into 2024

How you can make the most of the year we have left.

6 keys to conducting an effective internal communications audit

To optimize your internal communications, it's crucial to objectively assess your efforts and make necessary adjustments.

The Scoop: Pixar cuts 175 jobs

Plus: Alexa gets an AI update and a price tag; Peloton suspends controversial rapper’s music.

How the Boy Scouts rolled out their rebrand and weathered name-change controversy

Scouting America will take the place for the century-old name.

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5 elements of journalistic writing to incorporate into your comms

Why it'll boost your credibility.

Edit your robots: Obvious signs copy is AI generated

And why you should make good use of your metaphorical red pen when reviewing anything a chatbot spits out.

New social media features and updates to know this week

New updates from X, Threads, Reddit and more.

Lockheed's AI-powered content strategy saves time, boosts creativity

Rowan Toffoli leads the charge in integrating generative AI into executive communications at Lockheed Martin.

2024 Workplace Experience Trends & Insights Report from Appspace

Many employees are back in the office, at least part-time, but employers haven’t yet solved today’s top collaboration challenges in this new hybrid work environment.

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