Report: Journalists are the largest, most active verified group on Twitter

Around a quarter of the platform’s verified users are journalists, according to a report from Triggertrap.

A new report on verified Twitter accounts shows that journalists are the most prevalent and the most active.

The report comes from Triggertrap CEO Haje Jan Kamps, and was published on Medium this week. It shows that 25 percent of Twitter’s verified users are journalists. The second highest percentage of verified users at 18 percent is sports teams and athletes.

While journos make up the highest proportion of verified users, their average follower count, when compared to athletes, celebrities and musicians, is relatively low at around 140,000.

Even so, journalists and media outlets are the most active verified Twitter users. Social media managers for businesses are up there, too. From the report:

When taking a closer look at who is most active on Twitter, things are suddenly making more sense again — It makes sense that media properties (blogs, big news organisations, etc) and journalists tweet a lot about content they’ve created and breaking news. Businesses tweet quite a lot, too, which makes perfect sense as well: Quite a few of them are running customer support over Twitter, and it makes sense that as the customer base increases, so does the support load via Twitter.

The media organization with the most followers? @CNNBRK with 26.9 million followers.

If you were wondering which social media platform is best for media relations, here’s confirmation that Twitter is crawling with reporters.


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