See your pitch on the evening news

TV news is still one of the most highly visible forms of media coverage. For PR pros looking to garner attention for their clients and organizations, consider this infographic’s insights.

Many PR pros might find it difficult to see how many stories on the nightly TV news are the work of PR people.

Television news is still a strong tactic for gaining coveted earned media coverage. It’s also highly visual and visible, which will inevitably keep clients happy.

Where, though, must a PR pro begin if attempting to gain coverage on the nightly news?

After all, assignment editors have long been among the most harried and inundated people in the journalism business. FREE GUIDE: 10 ways to improve your writing today. Download now.

Here’s some good news though—and it comes in infographic form. Meredith Yates, account manager at the Bradford Group, created “5 tips for landing TV news coverage,” which that breaks down the steps you need to take to gain coverage.

Here are Yates’ tips:

1. Watch the news.

2. Know what’s “newsworthy.”

3. Sync yourself with staff schedules.

4. Stand at-the-ready.

5 . Know what type of story you have.

For details on these tips, check out the infographic below: