Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Communicators

Sept. 17-18, 2020

The must-attend event to help you effect positive change in your organization

The senseless killings of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor have woken up our nation to the systemic racism that exists in our organizations and communities. Top companies are pledging to do better for their employees, customers and stakeholders—and they need communicators to help them lead the charge on this.

Your task now? Keep the pace of change even when the headlines shift and ensure your organization is going beyond just words to build awareness, advocate for justice and re-align your brand and mission. Join Ragan and your peers for this must-attend virtual conference on Sept 17-18 that will give you thought-provoking and immediately applicable training you need to be a better ally to marginalized groups in your organization and society as a large.

Your platform as a communicator is powerful: attend this Ragan conference and get the insights you need to create a better workplace and a more powerful brand.


  • Access to speaker presentations
  • Communicator Checklists
  • Exclusive Research
  • Must-Have Templates and Surveys
  • And more!

Ragan will be donating a portion of your registration fee to Black Lives Matter.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

Learn how to:

  • Increase employee engagement around diversity training, programs and events
  • Go beyond statements to become an effective ally to Black Lives Matter, as an organization and individual
  • Understand how systematic racism and biases against BIPOC, women, disabled people and other marginalized groups show up in the workplace and combat their harmful effects
  • Create a diverse, inclusive work environment that gives employees the support they need to achieve business goals
  • Develop achievable goals and programs that move the needle on DEI and commit to continuous improvement
  • Four Perspectives: The Workplace Experience of BIPOC and Other Marginalized Identities
  • Unconscious Bias Training and Inclusive Language
  • White Fragility: What it is and how to combat it
  • Intersectionality in the workplace: How identities, privilege and oppression intersect
  • Supporting the wellbeing of Black employees during a time of crisis and trauma
  • Why DEI initiatives will help your employees and business thrive
  • Create Change: How to set and measure DEI goals for continuous improvement
  • How leaders and managers can advance diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Betterment: How to Improve DEI transparency, address and respond to shortcomings and criticisms
  • Embracing celebrations and milestones: Strategies to storytell and showcase employees year-round
  • The communicator’s role in advancing more equitable hiring practices
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your DEI efforts
  • Creating and running successful employee resource groups
  • Building a more accessible and ADA compliant employee experience
  • Strategies to establish and maintain an inclusive culture during social distancing and remote work
  • #MeToo and Beyond: Using communications to advance gender equality in the workplace
  • Meeting the needs of different generations in the workforce and confronting ageism
  • Allyship: What Black Lives Matter allies must do in organizations and as individuals

Our team is working on an incredible agenda for you. It is coming soon!

Speakers will be announced soon.

If you are interested in submitting a speaker proposal, please contact Meghan Madhavan at


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