Grammar Girl’s Guide to AP Style on Demand

The beginner's and intermediate guide to AP style


The AP Stylebook is the leading reference book for most reporters who receive your pitches. Even the PR department for University of Oxford follows AP style, meaning Oxford's press releases omit the Oxford comma.

Master the quirks of company names and products. Should you capitalize the first letter in "iPhone" or "eBay" when the brand name starts a sentence? Should there be a comma before "Inc."? Fogarty reveals the answers to such questions in her clear and memorable style.

Grammar Girl Mignon Fogarty brings clarity to matters such as:

  • Writing styles versus writing rules and why AP style matters
  • Exceptions to AP's prohibition on the use of the serial or Oxford comma
  • Tricky apostrophes and whether it should be "Jones' slippers" or "Jones's slippers"
  • Words such as "Eskimo" and "afflicted," which could cause you unexpected trouble
  • Collective nouns, singular nouns and why the zombie horde is (not "are") coming for us
  • Company name formats and whether "LEGO" or "Lego" is the right style
  • Season names and when to capitalize them
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