PR Measurement Virtual Summit

New ways to analyze data and crack the 'ROI code'

Thursday, Dec. 5, 2019
1-3:15 p.m. Eastern time
Price: $499

It is no secret that execs love metrics. They are used to solidify budgets, get promotions and point to a job well done, or where it failed. Metrics are the backbone of any communications department, whether we admit it or not. With so much at stake when it comes to measuring outcomes or planning for success, are you looking at the right numbers to help make your case?

Do you know and understand the latest ways to track and improve results? Do you want to know which channels are driving the most leads—and which KPIs execs absolutely adore? Look and wonder no more! You can learn all this and more in a can't miss training session with Julie O'Neill (Texas Christian University), Mark Weiner (The Institute for Public Relations; Cision) and Matthew Caruso (KPMG) when they reveal how to analyze data to extract insights, along with how to quantify the return on investment for PR tactics and overarching strategies.

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1-1:40 p.m. Eastern time
Session 1:Analyzing data

How to analyze data and extracting "aha" insights to meet organizational objectives

Organizations have varied objectives for engaging in media relations and many reasons for analyzing media coverage. Unfortunately, in-house communication teams, their public relations agencies and their media measurement firms all tend to use inconsistent definitions and calculations for reporting results. This session will provide you with transparent, replicable, credible metrics—similar to those presented by your counterparts in marketing, advertising or sales—to demonstrate results, along with examples of how to analyze data and deliver insights in areas beyond media relations.

You'll learn:

  • Where and how to access a free, rigorously tested media codebook
  • How to measure key media metrics—such as tone, dominance, shared mention and corporate reputational messages, among many others
  • How to extract insights and "aha!" moments from your metrics
  • How to tie key metrics to your organization's overarching objectives

After this session there will be a live Q&A. You will be able to submit questions for Julie to address.

Julie O'Neil, professor and associate dean for graduate studies and administration, Texas Christian University
1:45-2:25 p.m. Eastern time
Session 2:PR's ROI

Quantifying PR's Return on Investment (and why so many people get it wrong)

Throughout the history of public relations, professional communicators seek to "demonstrate PR value." Unfortunately, there exists much confusion surrounding "Quantifying ROI" (a measurable financial return) and "Proving Value" (a subjective measure which changes from company to company and even from one person to another within the same company). We in public relations undermine our professionalism by using these terms interchangeably (while the C-Suite certainly knows the difference).  In this session, we define both "PR Value" and "PR ROI; offering a framework to uncover the often hidden value equation your organizational leaders hold over public relations; along with sharing case studies for both proving value and generating a return on investment.

You'll learn:

  • How to differentiate "proving PR value" from "quantifying PR ROI"
  • How you can uncover the often-hidden value equation your organizational leaders hold over public relations
  • The three elements of PR ROI: the most impactful; the sexiest; and the most accessible
  • What "best in class" communicators do now to demonstrate PR value and generate positive PR ROI

After this session there will be a live Q&A. You will be able to submit questions for Mark to address.

Mark Weiner, board director for the institute for public relations and chief insights officer, Cision
2:35-3:15 p.m. Eastern time
Session 3: Social media ROI

How to use data analysis to develop content and employ social channels to reach intended audiences

Social media leaders have scores of data at their fingertips for developing better content and employing channels to reach their intended audiences—but what's the best way to leverage the data? Matthew Caruso, director, corporate communications, corporate reputation and digital engagement at KPMG, will show how his team leveraged Twitter, LinkedIn and their blog to foster greater engagement among key targets and stakeholders without adding noise or channel confusion. Join this fantastic session and you'll learn the key steps for developing better content and demonstrating ROI to your leaders as well as the role content and activation play within an organization, their impact on internal communications and the culture of an organization.

You'll learn:

  • How to approach earned media by establishing owned and social channels as an engine for content and engagement
  • How to engage with influencers to maximize organic visibility
  • How to amplify content through paid activities to increase engagement
  • How to establish a more social media-minded workforce through education and resources

After this session there will be a live Q&A. You will be able to submit questions for Matthew to address.

Matthew Caruso, director, corporate communications, corporate reputation and digital engagement, KPMG



Professor and associate dean for graduate studies and administration
Texas Christian University
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Board director for The Institute for Public Relations and chief insights officer


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Director, corporate communications, corporate reputation and digital engagement
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Top reasons to attend this virtual summit

  • You'll listen to and interact with the nation's top PR measurement experts.
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  • You'll get access to an on-demand recording of the virtual summit for six months.
  • You're guaranteed extensive, how-to instruction you can use immediately.
  • You can attend this immersive summit without leaving your desk.



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