Vibrant Videos Virtual Summit on Demand

Master video storytelling and livestreaming on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube




Session 1: Video Storytelling

Emotional storytelling: Produce videos that intrigue and captivate larger audiences

Would you like to build a large fan base with videos that elicit emotional responses such as joy and empowerment? Would you like to discover your brand’s “emotional destination”—and use it to create videos that convey your message on social media? Veteran video producer Drew Keller will teach you how to plan and produce videos with big-time impact—but without a big-time budget.

You’ll learn:

  • How to determine the emotional destination of your story
  • Takeaways from our powerful videos production guide
  • How to work with transcripts to create visual narratives
  • Easy ways to capture great images when the lighting is bad
  • And more!
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Session 2: Smartphone Videos

Run-and-gun videos: Smartphone techniques and apps that will transform you into a video hero

Video constitutes over 90 percent of web traffic, but much of it isn’t worth watching—including boring event videos and executive interviews. This session will help you change that. You’ll get takeaways that anyone at your organization can use to shoot higher-quality, more-shareable videos using only their smartphones. You’ll also walk away with checklists to ensure production polish for every video story you create.

You’ll discover:

  • How to conceive cool videos for your smartphone
  • Scripting and storyboarding tips for smartphone video
  • Essential equipment—and why better audio matters
  • A practical “run and gun” video shooting guide
  • And more!
Video producer, strategic communications
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Session 3: Livestreaming Skills

The livestreaming life: Engage audiences with confidence on Facebook Live, Instagram and YouTube

Livestreaming is hot, but it’s not for every company, and it’s not an add-on. Join this session to hear—from a video trainer who has worked with Google—exactly how to integrate live video into your social media strategy so you’re not just “checking the box.” You’ll learn which platforms best fit your brand, how to comfortably improvise unscripted content, and how to build an engaged following on Facebook Live, Instagram and YouTube.

You'll learn:

  • What’s new on livestreaming—and how it has evolved
  • What live video really is—and why Snapchat doesn’t qualify
  • How to create a streaming-ready social media strategy
  • How to choose the best platform for your brand
  • And more!
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