What makes bad pitches so unappealing

A new infographic from Nowsourcing reveals the anatomy of a terrible pitch.

I recently agreed to help a friend of mine come up with a PR plan to promote an event. It’s happening in a relatively small market, so I figured I’d have no problem generating interest from the local media.

Such hubris.

It ended up being more difficult than I thought, and I was left feeling embarrassed. That’s never fun for someone who is obsessively seeks validation from others.

These days the vast majority (89 percent) of journalists prefer to receive pitches via email, and the bulk of my pitches came via email. And were promptly met with radio silence.

Sure, journos will tell you they prefer email, but why does it feel like you’re spear fishing with bendy straws sometimes?

Real talk, folks: it might be because we’re bad at pitching.

Luckily, Nowsourcing put together the following infographic, aptly titled “Why are people so bad at pitching?”

Check it out, and share your favorite pitching tip in the comments.​ ​


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