When to post your content on top social media platforms

Wondering when you should share your articles, images and videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more? Use this infographic as a guide.

There’s an ongoing debate of when the best time is to post content among those who manage branded social media accounts.

One theory suggests that you should post your content during the times when people are most active on a particular platform. More people, more eyeballs, more engagement—everybody wins.

Another theory recommends posting during dips in activity to give your content a better chance of being seen. More people engaging with and sharing your content in non-peak times can lead to people seeing your content from trusted peers during peak times—and once again, everybody wins.

I’ve seen both strategies work (and fail). It’s good to try both, provided that it doesn’t across as spamming your audience.

However, I’ve always insisted—and my colleagues would agree—that the most valuable content will always see the most shares no matter what time you share it.

If you want to test the peak times to share your content, HubSpot offers an infographic with the peak-traffic times for five of the top social platforms—LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter: