Why marketers should embrace video in 2017

If the tactic isn’t part of your content marketing efforts this year, you’re missing an opportunity to reach millions of consumers. Consider these facts. 

If you spend any time on social media platforms, it’s hard not to notice video’s rapid rise as a marketing tool.

Nielsen reports that 147 million Americans watch video on the internet, and Outbrain’s latest research shows that 87 percent of online marketers are using video content to reach them.

However, without a proper video marketing strategy, organizations are taking a huge risk.

As we enter a new year, it’s a good opportunity to reassess your video marketing strategy. Technology is emerging with 360-degree video, virtual reality, livestreaming, drone footage and much more. We’re only at the beginning of this revolution, so smart marketers who haven’t already taken part should prepare to jump in with both feet.

Need more proof that video is the way to go for your 2017 marketing strategy? Check out Hubspot’s infographic below:


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