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Company Overview:

For more than five decades, Lawrence Ragan Communications, Inc., has been a leader in training for professionals in corporate communications, public relations, social media and management. Ever since the launch of “The Ragan Report” in 1970, Ragan has provided communicators and executives with timely, practical and relevant information that few others can match. Ragan is rooted in helping the communications professional advance in their careers while also improving the voice of the organizations they serve. The Ragan brand includes highly curated live and virtual events, two leadership Councils, multiple websites, an awards division, a consulting arm and targeted newsletters. Ragan live events draw more than 3,000 professionals annually and provide attendees with access to leading communicators, best practices and rich networking opportunities.

Statement from Ragan Communications on Black Lives Matter

Ragan Communications stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

Dear friends of Ragan,

As our nation grieves over the death of George Floyd and seeks to come out of ongoing demonstrations and protests more unified, our team at Ragan stands in solidarity behind Black Lives Matter. As an organization serving communicators whose critical role it is to share the authentic truths and stories of their brands and their people, we also are processing what is happening to this country before our very eyes.

The Ragan team wants to tell your stories and support your efforts. We will advocate for Black rights in meaningful ways. We commit to use our platform to ensure that people of color in our profession are heard and included. We want to learn more about the issues impacting, and infecting, our country, as well as your experiences.

It is our goal as a company for communicators to connect you with ideas and people to help you succeed. It is our goal as daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, and citizens, to endeavor to do better. We respect and embrace that our differences are what unites us.


Diane Schwartz, CEO, Ragan Communications
Mark Ragan, Chairman of the Board, Ragan Communications


A Brief History:

Lawrence Ragan Communications is named for its founder, the dean of organizational communicators. With Lawrence Ragan's death in 1995, his son Mark Ragan—now owner and publisher—leads the organization.

Ragan's Divisions:

Through our world-renowned newsletters, conferences, research reports and guides, Ragan Communications, Inc., delivers practical advice, real-world solutions and field-tested strategies for today's corporate communicator.
PR Daily is a news site that delivers news, advice, and opinions on the public relations, marketing, social media, and media worlds.
Ragan’s Communications Leadership Council is an exclusive membership organization for senior-level corporate and internal communicators. Comprised of the most innovative companies in the world, the membership provides benefits for both senior leaders and their teams, including premier networking, extensive industry training and benchmarking reports.
Ragan’s Social Media Leadership Council is an exclusive membership organization for senior-level social media leaders. The membership offers benefits for both senior leaders and their teams that are tailored to companies’ social media needs, including monthly webinars, networking opportunities and in-person training.
ManageBetter.biz is committed to providing you with the practical information and resources you need to lead and develop your employees.
Bits and Pieces is committed to providing the personal inspiration and motivation that so many people crave.
Bits & Pieces on Leadership offers insights and inspiration to motivate you through the work week and throughout your career.