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Mission-Driven Media - with Amy Harder
March 31

Amy Harder is executive editor of Cipher (which means ZERO) a mission-driven news outlet for Breakthrough Energy. With Bill Gates at the head of the organization, Breakthrough Energy’s aim is to inspire the world to develop and scale the critical solutions we need to reach net-zero emissions—so everyone can enjoy affordable, abundant clean energy.

And there is no journalist better to lead this remarkable effort than the amazing Amy Harder. With journalism in her sights from an early age, Amy has worked for some of the biggest and well-regarded news outlets in the U.S.  

She's been at the helm of Cipher since it's beginning and they're only just getting started.  Join Lisa today for a conversation with Amy Harder and learn more about Cipher and their mission-based platform.   

From Broadcast to Chief Communications Officer - with Chris Cannon
March 24

Chris Cannon dreamed - as early as middle school - of a career in broadcast and dedicated his time as an undergrad to achieving that dream.  

Fast forward through an exciting and character-building 20+ years on air -- Chris Cannon is now the Chief Communications Officer for the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development.  His tenure in the position has seen the state through a global pandemic and into a challenging job market.  Chris describes the job as mission-based and tremendously rewarding.  

Listen in today to a conversation about the details of broadcast life, how much it has changed in just a short time and the ascension to a rewarding and dedicated cause.  

Learn Something New Everyday with Andrew Snorton
March 17

Today's guest is Andrew Snorton, the founder of Creative Community Solutions, LLC - an exceptional umbrella organization that encompasses education, media and so many other important contributions.  

Andrew hosts a show in the Atlanta, GA region called The Conversation Corner where he highlights education, business and more -- he's also a four-time published author. His level of creativity is so tremendously admirable and inspiring.  He credits the idea for his first book from his experience at the memorial services for Maya Angelou, but that's just the beginning of this amazing story. 

Join Lisa today to hear about Andrew Snorton and his journey through the creative process and with a keen eye for interesting content - always.  

Balancing Power Inside D.C. with Joe Mathieu
March 10

Bloomberg's Washington Correspondent Joe Mathieu found his love for broadcast in his teenage years -- and it shows in the work he does everyday. 

Joining Lisa today, Joe shares how his award-winning career in local journalism informs what he does on the national stage.  With an audience that is business-focused -- and maybe less interested in political theatrics -- Joe likes to deliver a Sound On playbook that catches us up on Washington and all that comes with it. 

Joe highlights some of the biggest stories he's covered, while also revealing a knack for guitar and sommelier-level wine knowledge.  Listen in today to meet Joe Mathieu and hear more about the relaunch of Balance of Power (with his amazing co-host) starting March 13. 

It Started in the Green Room -- with Karen Finney
March 3

Too many years ago to count, Lisa was introduced to her political counterpart and today's guest in the television green room -- Karen Finney.  Let's just say, Lisa is better for the experience of working with Karen, because of how enjoyable it was to spar on the issues of the day.

Today, Karen is a CNN political commentator, an advisor to democratic women candidates and both a public affairs and crisis communications expert.  Her experience spans several Presidential campaigns, U.S. Senate races and so many others.  

Karen is known for her keen sense of politics and history, while also being a fair and diplomatic commentator.  She shares lots of terrific points of view on politics in today's episode, while also sharing a deeply personal story about her health and the road to recovery.  

Tune in today to meet Karen Finney.

New Pubs on the Block Series - Reed Albergotti at Semafor
February 17

Reed Albergotti is the tech editor at Semafor -- another new and dynamic news outlet in town --and it sounds like his beat is as exciting as the industry he covers.  

Having covered tech for over a decade, Reed finds himself today at Semafor delivering scoops on AI and trends in the tech industry -- while also offering his view on why it matters.  In a news era where every other social platform is laden with opinions, it's a privilege to see transparent analysis like this come through.  

Reed authored a co-authored a book on Lance Armstrong and doping in the Tour de France and even found himself developing a sports page for the Wall Street Journal in a previous reporting gig. This was such a fun conversation with a dynamite journo in the tech space.  Drop in to meet Reed and hear more about Semafor today!

Campaign Pitch? Super Bowl Only for Olivia Morley
February 13

Olivia Morley is the Senior Agencies Reporter for AdWeek and no journalist has ever made pitching her easier -- at least from the limited research the FR Podcast has conducted.  

With a background in agency work, agency research and agency trends, Olivia Morley tells us she has always wanted to be a journalist -- and that her job today is the one she's always wanted.  What sets Olivia aside from other journos is her specific instructions for PR specialists on what she covers.  And if it's campaigns you're pitching, she's only covering the biggest one of the year -- the Super Bowl.  

So this episode won't cost you $8 mil for a single listen, but on the day after the big game -- and the big ads -- you might want to know more about trends in the ad industry from Olivia's point of view.  

New Pubs on the Block Series - Tara Palmeri from Puck
February 10

Episode two of the New Pubs series is with the insightful and smart Tara Palmeri from Puck News.  

If you ask Tara what kinds of stories she's covering, she cares most about what insiders and journos are talking about AFTER the news of the day is reported -- in other words, what's the hot topic at happy hour.  And so far, her reporting is hitting the mark.  Not only has she captured those stories, but is also driving THE topics of happy hour.  

In addition to a terrific career in broadcast, print and podcasting, Tara is also super proud of her more recent documentary on the Edgewood experiments.  

Listen in today to hear more about Tara's great new work as senior political correspondent and partner at Puck.

New Pubs on the Block Series -- Leah Askarinam Grid News
February 3

Kicking off a new set of conversations this month with some great new publications.  Today's conversation is with Leah Askarinam who is the senior editor for Grid.  

With stints at the New York Times, the Hotline, Inside Elections and The Atlantic, this  reporter turned editor has a deep knowledge base of the hundreds of congressional districts and political contours of the United States.  

Leah's oversight for this new publication on the street keeps an eye on politics, policy and the economy -- and does a great job of finding the intersection between this and all of the various verticals of their new publication.

Tune in today to meet Leah and learn more about Grid!

Female Broadcasters Series - Balance and Benefit in Connection - Contessa Brewer
January 20

When asked how she got where she is today, Contessa Brewer gives a lot of credit to being in the right place at the right time.  What we also know about this award-winning journalist is that hard work had to play a role. 

Contessa Brewer is now a CNBC correspondent covering major news events -- with a special attention on gaming, casinos and insurance -- but has had a long and remarkable journey.  She shares the differences between reporting in small news markets to national news platforms, while also sharing the differences between hosting her own show to being in her role today.  

With a busy career, Contessa dedicates her spare time to philanthropy for Saving Mothers and the complicated balance of raising twin boys.  

Tune in to learn more about this amazing female broadcaster in the series! 

Female Broadcasters Series - Right Where She Belongs - with Dana Perino
January 13

As FOX News co-anchor of America's News Room and co-host of The Five, Dana Perino credits her career in public service and politics to where she is today.  Those of us that know her, know that it also took a great deal of hard work and dedication. 

At an early age, Dana's father asked her to choose two news articles daily that she would report on before dinner.  She reports that her family was very news oriented and perhaps that led her to analyze and evaluate situations so well that lawmakers, thought leaders and even the President of the United States to value her point of view.  

With a passion for news and current events, Dana is also a voracious reader, dog lover and mentor to young women in politics.  

Listen in today to learn more about the best read woman in the room -- Dana Perino. 

Female Broadcasters Series -- Jeanette Hoffman MY9 NJNOW
January 6

Starting off the New Year with a series of female broadcasters -- first up is my dearest friend, Jeanette Hoffman, president of Marathon Public Affairs and political correspondent for MY9 New Jersey NOW.  

Jeanette's career started in the New Jersey state house -- in the same office that John Stewart got his start -- and she has risen to the highest ranks of public affairs. Both New Jersey and national organizations seek her out for her smart guidance and support, while she remains one of the top GOP political correspondents in the state.  

Tune in today to meet this mega star, political guru and college friend TODAY!!

The PR Day of Yes - with Dan Kois
December 16

Dan Kois is writer, editor and podcaster for Slate.  With a beat that includes his interests and passions and a sense of humor about it all, Dan has been nominated numerous times for awards in the journalism space. 

It was his recent piece on accepting every PR pitch he got in a day that drew Lisa to contact him -  

Dan offers some insight into how journalists receive pitches, how often they're not relevant, and how being fully transparent about his PR Day of Yes led to some publicists diving right in -- while others simply ghosted the opportunity.  

Tune in to hear more about Dan and his work. 

Writer First, Then Everything Else - Chris Cillizza
December 9

As is the challenge in today's media landscape, today's guest has separated from CNN since our pre-recorded conversation.

That aside, Chris Cillizza is among the busiest journalists in the political media business.  With a podcast, a YouTube show, a nightly newsletter and weekday briefs as his charge in his previous day job -- Chris reports that the way he has found time to also author his forth-coming book, is through daily writing.  Five hundred words daily make delivering an over 70,000 word product (his book) in a more manageable way.  

Listen in to today's conversation to learn more about how his passion for politics and the importance of reporting has brought Chris Cillizza to some of the best known news outlets in D.C. (and the globe!)

Tune In. 

High-Quality Original Reporting for Black America - Simone Sebastian
December 2

Simone Sebastian is the Editorial Director for Capital B - the newest Black News Nonprofit in the media world.  This groundbreaking news outlet came from a vision shared by its founders -- and delivers news to it's supporters and black audiences throughout the U.S. and across the globe. 

Simone started her career in the traditional newsroom -- writing her first piece for the Detroit Free Press at just 17 years old -- and jokes that it's those vintage news styles that has brought her to modern news delivery.  With verticals in climate, education, health and criminal justice -- Simone's team at Capital B is reporting about the issues with which they know Black America is incredibly engaged.  She is based in Atlanta, Ga., but the reach of Capital B is online and everywhere.  Listen in today to meet Simone and find out more about their year-old news organization.

And get on over to their site and support this tremendous news effort --

Books, Publishing and Free Speech - Maris Kreizman
November 18

How many books does the books editor at Vulture read a week?  You'll have to listen in today to hear from Maris Kreizman to find out for sure.  

In today's episode, Lisa visits with her childhood friend and host of The Maris Review, who has some insightful reflection on the power of free speech.  With as many remarkable books in publication, it takes publicists knowing Maris' preference to get her attention about a new read -- much like a good PR person has to know who to pitch to land the story. 

Maris is a brilliant creative mind, a published author, a karaoke fan and mom to a 15 year old pug named Bizzy.  Listen in today to learn more about the world of publishing, books and the amazing Maris Kreizman. 

Baseball and Politics Are Not Unalike - Chelsea Janes
November 11

Chelsea Janes is the national baseball writer for the Washington Post.  Fresh off the road from the World Series and onto the next season of baseball, Chelsea generously found time for an episode today. 

This college athlete found herself lucky enough to step in and write for the college news -- and realized quickly that it could be her career path.  Fast forward to today, this star journalist finds herself among just a few women writing about the national pastime -- at the absolute highest level of the sport.  

Chelsea walks us through the time she covered the 2020 presidential campaign for the Post and how the differences between the two beats are really not terribly different.  But in a week when we're desperate to chat about anything other than Election Day, this episode with Chelsea serves as a needed palate cleanser.  

Listen in today to learn more about this superstar!

The Blurry Lines of Media - with Kerry Flynn
November 4

Kerry Flynn is Axios' Media Deals Reporter and she is one busy journo.  Kerry's beat spans the entire world of content -- from media to publishing to streaming -- if you're consuming it, she's covering it.  

And like the rest of us, Kerry is not only consuming this content for her day job, she's making it part of her hobbies and her free time.  In fact, during this conversation we realize that even her Peloton could be considered media.  

Join me today for a very fun conversation with a reporter who clearly loves the work she does every day. 

No Spin in the Data - with Matt Friedman
October 21

Matt Friedman much prefers to dive deep into campaign finance details in his reporting these days -- likely because New Jerseyans spend their lives being hit up with campaign pitches and endless spin.  This very Jersey episode will help you understand that it's not midterm elections that we care about -- it's the state races next year that really matter.  

Matt Friedman is an Empire State guy who actively chose to cover the Garden State after watching Jersey City politics up close.  He is now the author of Politico's New Jersey Playbook and nobody knows the ins and the outs more than him.  

Jump in today to get a sense of how things unfold in this super political state, and understand why these national races are just a precursor to the big year next year.  

Writing and Editing About the Modern Workplace -- Kathleen Davis
October 14

It's not by accident that Lisa invited Kate Davis from Fast Company to join the podcast today.  The work that Kate and her team and generating are speaking to those of us in the workplace -- as if they're reading our minds.  

Kate is the Deputy Editor for Fast Company, along with hosting their weekly -- and ever evolving -- podcast platform.  Additionally, Kate is the supervising editor for all Fast Company podcast -- including Creative Control, Most Innovative Companies, and World Changing Ideas.  

During today's episode, Kate tells us about Ambition Diaries, which is a miniseries about the approach to work life from mothers and daughters with varied backgrounds.  It's a must-listen and a fascinating project for all of us to digest.  

What was once a beat about productivity, her focus centers on balance and wellness at a time when we all need more.  Join today's conversation to hear more about the great work that Kate and her team at Fast Company are doing. 

From Behind the Paywall -- with Josh Siegel
October 7

Today's episode catches Politico's Josh Siegel in between podcast interviews and reporting on the latest news from OPEC.  With energy and environment on the agenda for the Congress and the White House, there is never a dull moment for Josh.  

This Chicago sports fanatic started off with a dream to cover this faves, but quickly moved onto scanning police blotters in Fort Myers, Fla. and moving way up the coast to Washington, D.C. Today Josh hosts the Politico Energy podcast where he regularly interviews -- or is interviewed -- about the rough and tumble beat that is energy and the environment.  

Josh shares his interest in the evolution of Republican positions on climate change, the D.C. food scene and his love of 90's hip hop and R&B.  

Listen in today!

A Calm, Clear Conservative Voice - Scott Jennings
September 30

Scott Jennings just celebrated his fifth year as a CNN commentator -- offering a thoughtful, conservative point of view in an otherwise chaotic time.  

As a columnist for, USA Today, LA Times and others, Scott is frequently asked for his point of view from a conservative perspective.  While he often consumes the viewpoints of others, his process brings him back to reflection and thought that then turn into his careful commentary.  

With a background in journalism, Scott spent several years working for President George W. Bush both on the campaign and in the White House.  That experience brings him to his very reasonable and measured delivery both on television and in print.  

Listen in today to meet my friend and colleague Scott Jennings.

50 States. One Source. with Reid Wilson
September 23

Reid Wilson has spent his career covering states and their importance to the foundation of federal governance.  

Today is the first ever repeat guest on the podcast -- because Reid is embarking on a new venture that shines a light on state governments, the importance of their work and the relevance they have in what the Congress ultimately does for the country.

It's in the states that the work is done -- to assure that the feds can effect change.  And that is why the work that Reid and his team will do is so critically important to the United States.  

Listen in to hear about Pluribus News!

Defending the Wearing of Hats - with Jim Tankersley
September 16

Jim Tankersley shares with Lisa about how his journalism career started and he recounts an early editorial assignment from middle school.  When asked to defend something he believed in, Jim chose to defend the right to wear a baseball cap -- and his challenge of authority led to a meeting with the principal -- and a career was born.  

Today, Jim Tankersley is a White House correspondent for the New York Times keeping authority at the highest levels in check.  Jim is most known for being a story teller and seeks out the real stories of Americans to illustrate complex economic issues. 

Proudly having authored The Riches of this Land -- his book released moments before the world shut down in 2020 -- Jim shares the challenges of reporting while also writing a book.  

Jim's experience in the journalism space is unparalleled and Lisa is thrilled to share his stories with you in this episode. 

Arkansas Business is Booming - with Lance Turner
September 9

Lance Turner counts himself lucky for landing a media gig after college that followed a typical work schedule, but his work is anything but ordinary.  

As the editor of Arkansas Business, Lance Turner has seen the evolution of a weekly news outlet evolve into an online must-read.  He and his team at this vital news outlet work non-stop to report on the  latest in Arkansas -- and there is a lot happening there.  While Arkansas is known well for its agriculture, Lance's is especially proud of a set of news coverage on the booming steel industry in Mississippi County. 

This small, but mighty state is chock-full of powerful players (both industry and persons), and Lance and his team deliver the latest on them every single day.  

Tune in to meet Lance Turner!

Three Branches of Gov't Leaks - with Josh Gerstein
September 2

Josh Gerstein is Politico's senior legal affairs reporter and has been a journalist during some of the most newsworthy times of our generation.  

With an early start in broadcast, Josh found himself as an "embed" for the Dole presidential campaign -- long before that word was part of the journalism vernacular.  From covering the Clinton White House for ABC to covering the Obama White House for Politico, with lots of exceptional experience in between, Josh's career has been one of tremendous esteem.  

We get into the various levels of news leaks among the three branches of government - primarily because Josh (and his colleague) broke the story in May of this year about the early draft of Supreme Court opinion relative to Roe v. Wade.  Which was arguably the biggest news scoop in a decade or more.  

Tune to hear more about Josh and the important work he does today. 

Bonded over Burpees - with Larry Miller
August 26

Washington, D.C. is one of the best towns to network -- can you imagine working out next to an Emmy award winning journalist?  Well, that's exactly how Lisa and Larry Miller got to talking about journalism.  

Today we learn about Larry's path in journalism that has resulted in numerous awards (including an Emmy and an Edward R. Murrow) and an enviable career. In just one example of his investigative work, Larry shares how he and his team uncovered systemic discrimination in the housing markets - and exposition that resulted in an historic bill signing at the White House.  

Larry shares his love of journalism, the outdoors and the performing arts -- and a mutual dislike for the dreaded burpee.  Listen in today!

The Friday Reporter & The Locher Room
August 19

This week, Lisa visits with Alan Locher the founder/CEO of The Locher Room.  In 2020, Alan launched the YouTube series as a means to cheer people up -- and reintroduce them to their favorite daytime stars. 

The vision for this show was to cheer audiences, but has grown to over 300 episodes and has raised over $100k for important charities.  Learn more about Alan and his uplifting show here --

Alan's career started as a page for ABC-TV and brought him up through the Disney Company -- with a long and impressive resume of impressive and exciting opportunities.  Today he's the V.P. of sales for Truescope - - a media company that is making public affairs professionals more useful to their clients daily. 

Listen in to the podcast today -- and find it on YouTube (Lisa's first) here --

Always with an Eye on Washington - with Joe Khalil
August 12

Joe Khalil may have started his career in Michigan's state capitol, but he has always had Washington, D.C. in his sights.  Joe's career took him to Sacramento and then finally D.C. for Nexstar Media (the parent of NewsNation) -- but he arrived just before the pandemic hit and the whole world changed.  

Joe is NewsNation's Washington D.C. correspondent and credits the great network of journalists on Capitol Hill for helping him navigate the early days of his new job and the pandemic.  Today he spends a great deal of his days broadcasting on Capitol Hill  -- with a keen eye for straight news that is NOT biased toward one or another side of the debate.  That's the goal of the newest broadcast outlet on the block and they're building and growing a great team everyday. 

Listen in today to hear more about how Joe approaches reporting, how he seeks out news that others have missed and how it is to be part of a journalism power couple.  

Food, Business and Pop Culture with Emily Heil
August 5

Emily Heil is the food reporter for the Washington Post -- and no one is having more fun than her.  Honestly, this conversation is the lighthearted one we all need after the heavy news days we've all endured in 2022.  

Emily weaves together stories about a topic we can all appreciate while finding the connection to the news of the day.  From TikTok to Chaco Tacos to food regulation and a bit of politics, this beat is absolutely a blast to cover and Emily is a blast to interview.  

Tune in to hear more about how her career led her to cover features, gossip and personnel news before arriving at the one she enjoys today.  

Happy August!

Recession, Media & The Arts - with Justin Joffe
July 29

As editor in chief at Ragan Communications, Justin Joffe spends a great deal of his day hours sharing insight into the world of public relations.  From offering up insightful content for comms types, to promoting and producing quality training session and seminars, Justin is a busy guy in the world of communications.  

It's his background in freelance and the arts that really lends to the tremendous talent he brings to the job,  With a long resume of interviewing and interacting with some of the music and movie greats, Justin does whatever he can to keep that vibe -- much like a grad who arrived on the scene during the great recession (of 2009).  

Today, you can find him on weekends making contributions to a community of artists and the like by spending time in upstate New York with the Root Community.  Give it a listen to hear more!

Sources, Scoops and the Mob - with Larry Henry
July 22

Larry Henry is Senior Reporter for and - to hear him tell the story - it's the best job he's ever had.  

With a start in the military, he suggests his over 6 foot frame is what got him onto the crime beat in Tulsa, OK.  He loved the sound of the printing press and the competition of getting the story.  He quickly transitioned to Nevada where he covered gambling and politics -- and his fascination with the mob grew from there.  

His admiration and appreciation for journalism is clear and present and his acknowledgement of others and their great scoops is palpable. 

Larry now covers sports betting and the great debate that is unfolding in state houses across the country.  He also writes a fascinating column for about the mob in pop culture.  

This conversation was one in a series of terrific conversations this summer.  

Truly Thoughtful Journalism - with Susan Crabtree
July 15

If you ask Susan Crabtree what she wanted to be when she grew up, she always had an interest in magazines.  Her early career had her at some of the most well-known media brands, and while she spent quite a bit of time covering breaking news, she's back today doing what she loves.  

Susan Crabtree is perhaps one of the most well-rounded journalists - as she has spent her career reporting for some of the most impressive news outlets in the world.  From National Geographic to Variety to The Hill Newspaper and now Real Clear Politics, Susan's career has really given her a tremendous journey. Her writing and her reporting is exceptional and it is because of this amazing experience.  

Listen in today to meet Susan Crabtree, the national political correspondent for Real Clear Politics.  

From Khaki to Ascots - meet Steve Kornacki
July 8

Steve Kornacki is the national political correspondent for NBC and MSNBC and his brand is expanding more and more each day.  

From humble beginnings at an Internet news platform - long before there were Internet news platforms - to the big screen on NBC every election night - to the Royal Ascot, this data-loving journo is omnipresent.  

Steve shares stories of his start, his tremendous opportunities in media and how he's always wanted to host a game show.  This is a fun conversation -- don't miss it!

Title IX, SEC Football Comms & Teamwork - with Molly O'Mara Fillmore
July 1

Call it the much needed palate cleanser - today's episode takes us out of the Beltway and onto the gridiron - to meet the amazing Molly O'Mara Fillmore who is the associate director of communications for football at the University of Missouri.  

Molly attributes much of her success to being in the right place at the right time, but her tremendous talent and love of sport is what has delivered her to this incredible perch in public affairs.  With an extremely lean team, Molly oversees (and executes) nearly every element of communications for one of the biggest college football teams in the country.  And she is one of only a few women to hold this incredible position.  

Tune in to hear more about leadership, communications, flexibility and self-awareness -- all of which have Molly O'Mara Fillmore operating at her highest level of expertise and loving it.  

No More Wednesday Matinee - with Bob Cusack
June 24

Bob Cusack is the Editor in Chief for The Hill Newspaper.  His long and decorated career started at Inside Washington News where he cut his teeth covering the Department of Labor - and all the varied acronyms that go along with that.  

Fast forward to today, he's working daily with a top-flight team of journalists and business minded experts to keep this great news outlet a daily-must read inside and outside of Washington, D.C.

Armed with a SAG card and a background in performing, Bob also has an impressive acting resume, including a small role in Wonder Woman 1984.  

Join in today to hear about Bob Cusack and his impressive career!

Caught Looking and Knowing the Audience - Bryant Adams
June 17

Bryant Adams is the co-host of Caught Looking podcast - with Jacob Adams and Hunter Doucet. While Bryant fully admits his own baseball career didn't rise to the D1 level, the creation of this hit podcast was born out a love of sport and family connection.  

With a long career in communications, Bryant comes to this project with a head for content creation and capturing an audience.  These guys talk honestly about the many paths athletes can take to reach this elite level of performance -- and they're having a blast doing it.  

Join me today to hear more about Caught Looking podcast, Division One baseball and the competitive nature of a sport that delivers some of the best athletes of our time.  

Politics, Cronyism and Pizza Pie w Dustin Racioppi
June 10

Reporting on New Jersey politics is never dull - especially in this mega political state where every year is an election.  That's probably why Dustin Racioppi transitioned easily from his early career time in a Navy submarine to the Garden State battleground.

Lisa was lucky to catch Dustin on primary election day 2022 from both Dustin and Lisa's hometown to zero in on the wild ride his career has taken - from Bridgegate to scandal at the SDA.  Just this week, he announced his experience is taking him onto a larger territory as the newly appointed Atlantic Region politics and government editor for the USA Today Network.  

Come for the journalism and politics chat and stay for the New Jersey Lightning Round of Pork Roll, Springsteen, Luigi's and What About A Bagel references.  

Nothing better than a Jersey Shore summer!

Report to a Wider Audience - with Ben Pershing
June 3

Ben Pershing is the Politics Editor for the Wall Street Journal, covering the White House, Congress and national politics (among many other things).  With a strong team of writers and editors, he seeks to empower the journalists in his space to tell their stories best.  

With a background in both "trade" Hill publications and broad national platforms, Ben has always sought to tell stories to the broader audience.  Ben shares his background, his recommendations for fun streaming and offers good advice for pitches that work.  

Tune in today!

Points of View & What You Can Do - with Jerry Rogers
May 27

Jerry Rogers is the editor of Real Clear Health and host of the Jerry Rogers Show on WBAL 1090 in Baltimore, Md.  

While his RCH responsibilities find him aggregating news of the day, he also writes for many of the other platforms in the Real Clear universe. And his radio show? It's an opportunity for Jerry to talk about lots of topics, while also offering ways for his listeners to be part of the solution, too.  

Jerry's background in politics and policy lead him to his journalism career of today.  He is also a proud dad to five and known to those who love him as, "Coach."

Drop in today to meet Jerry!

From Tough Questions to Finding Answers - Rajesh Mirchandani
May 20

Rajesh Mirchandani spent over 20 years in journalism and finds himself today as a senior advisor at the UN Foundation -- and two very exciting new projects on the horizon.  

His time covering international affairs (along with entertainment and a whole host of other topics) for the BBC led him to a realization and a transition to his current role.  He reached a point where he no longer wanted to be asking the tough questions without helping to find the answers.  

In his current role, Rajesh is faced with some of the most challenging matters of our time -- and rather than meeting that challenge with skepticism, he offers a hopeful point of view.  In addition to his work on climate related matters, Rajesh is also launching a podcast called, "Finding our Flavor," and working simultaneously on a book on a related topic.  

Jump into today's conversation to hear more about this remarkable communicator who has a keen ability to see a path forward both in the issues of the day, but also in his own successful career. 

Church, The Bills & Tim Russert - with Leigh Giangreco
May 13

Today's episode is with freelance reporter, Buffalo native and Chicago resident Leigh Giangreco.  Her love of journalism started in high school and has led her to a successful career in the news-making space.  

With a background in aviation news, Capitol Hill and a whole host of other topics, Leigh finds a way to tell compelling stories that captivate audiences for the nation's top publications.  She also shares a love of the Godfather movies with Lisa and a sharp sense of pitches being a lot like dating.  

This is a fun and fresh conversation with a terrific journalist.  Drop in today to meet the fantastic Leigh Giangreco. 

Subscribers want Authentic & Quality Content - with James Barrett
May 10

James Barrett is freelance travel and lifestyle journalist and founder of the Jimmy Rox newsletter.  James' keen insight to building a quality audience and offering compelling content has really demonstrated results.  In just six months, his newsletter boasts an impressive open rate of over 45% with over 2300 subscribers.  In an otherwise noisy news space, this is an impressive endorsement of his work.  

James shares tips on smart email subjects, authentic content and using your own voice to draw in loyal followers.  His perspective to generating content is fresh and new -- and clearly ahead of the trend in news making. 

Meet James and Lisa in person this Wednesday, May 11 in NYC for the PR News Media Relations and Measurement Conference!

Constantly Learning on the Job - with Lillian Rizzo
May 6

Lillian Rizzo is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal.  She started her career covering bankruptcy and debt - despite having a limited knowledge in that issue space.  She credits that experience with her most favorite part of journalism -- the non-stop learning that happens while she's working hard at her job. 

Today, Lillian covers the cable media industry, which is also a busy and every changing beat that requires a great deal of learning.  She shares the ever changing and growing landscape of the beat as one that keeps her on her toes.  

Lillian is the third panelist that will join Lisa for the PR Daily Media Affairs and Measurement Conference in NYC on May 11.  Don't miss this episode -- and join us in NYC in real life!

When Journalism is a Career and Hobby -- with Leigh Scheps
May 6

Leigh Scheps' passion for her work shines through in everything she does.  Not only does this remarkable journalist cover human interest pieces for Inside Edition Digital, but she also spends her spare time covering Broadway and pitching her own "side hustle" coverage on her own behalf.  

Walk alongside Leigh in this episode where this non-stop journo tells us about her early start, her career and her love of telling stories.  

She's guest number two this week, and will also be part of the PR Daily Media Relations and Measurement Conference in NYC May 11. 

Never Ask For A Photo - Madeline Berg
May 6

Madeline Berg is the Media Editor for Business Insider.  Next week on May 11 she will join Lisa for a panel discussion at PR Daily's Media Relations and Measurement Conference in NYC.  

Maddie is busy covering topics like the media, Hollywood and the intersection that both of those have with the business world.  She shares her unique experience with Lisa and also some tips on how she successfully covers Hollywood without losing sight of the bigger picture.  

Listen in today to hear this dynamic journalist share how she approaches a news story. 

A Little Luck & a Lot of Work - with Alayna Treene
April 29

Alayna Treene is Employee #17 at Axios -- before the publication had even formally been named -- and is now five and a half years into her tenure there.  She is the congressional reporter for Axios, the co-author of Axios Sneak Peek and covers both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue.  

Her experience has given her opportunities to visit with some of the most senior members of House and Senate leadership, as well as a very unique point of view on the happenings inside the Capitol Building on January 6.  

Her hustle and hard work has not gone unnoticed, having been named one of Forbes' 30 under 30, this amazing Jersey Girl is showing up everyday to share news and trends that you'll not find anywhere else. 

Listen in to today's last episode in the Axios April series!

Remain Curious and Authentic - with Russell Contreras
April 22

Week Four of Axios April brings us to a rich conversation with Axios Justice and Race Reporter Russell Contreras.  With a deep interest in history and a keen knack for writing, Russell realized early in his career that authenticity and connection to those he covers was of real value.  

While the narrative today is focused on the issue of race and justice, it's more than just a trend for Axios.  They're diving deeper and investigating how these issues define the nation -- and Russell and his colleagues are on the front lines, doing the good work to help us understand.  

Russell shares the Axios approach to reporting on issues, the book he is writing about JFK and Latinos and what it's like to unplug in the beautiful state of New Mexico.  

Listen in today to meet Russell and hear more about his background. 

Yep, Text the Host Direct -- with Niala Boodhoo
April 15

Niala Boodhoo is the host of Axios Today -- the podcast delivering you important news of the day in just ten minutes.  Much as is true of all things Axios, the podcast follows their Smart Brevity model. 

Niala launched the podcast in June 2020 during the height of the pandemic and came to the post after a long and esteemed career in print journalism, public radio and wire services.  Journalism has been her lifelong dream and credits authenticity and a willingness to talk directly to listeners as a big part of her success.  

In just one episode with this exceptional podcast host, Lisa learned a few things about producing a show of her own.  Drop in for a listen to this great conversation.

Keep the Headlines Brief & Relevant -- with George Moriarty
April 8

There I go again with a headline with more than five words -- but now that I've had a chance to visit with Axios Pro's Senior Editor, you can bet I'll do my best to be smarter about the podcast episode headlines. 

With just a few weeks of remarkable content under its belt, Axios Pro is fast becoming the subscription you need to do your job well.  Today's conversation is with George Moriarty and with a background rich in finance and subscription journalism, you can bet that he's up to the task of delivering the newest and best sourced news in the business. 

Listen in today for a glimpse into how George got his start, his world of news editing and the great work he does with his son for St. Baldricks and childrens' cancer research.  Find out more here --

Industry Experience Leads to Great Coverage - with Hope King
April 1

During the earliest days of the pandemic many newsrooms had to shrink their reporting teams in order to stay viable in difficult economic times.  If not for some of those difficult times, Hope King might not be the superstar business reporter for Axios today -- but  judging from this conversation, Hope very much likes the way things have played out.  

Hope King is happily enjoying a thriving career in business journalism and her reporting for Axios is even more robust due to her early career in the world of finance. This tremendous business reporter and co-author of the Axios Closer sometimes even finds time to kayak with humpback whales.  

This is the first in a month-long series of conversations with the team at Axios.  Tune in today to learn more about Hope King and her exceptional reporting for Axios.  

Finding the Niche in Media and Serving it Well - with Tim Hermes
March 25

Tim Hermes is the president of Rev Rocket and a legend in the world of business to business media and events.  

Tim shares his perspective on niche media and how to grow it well, while also offering his insights into how the media space has grown and evolved over the course of his career. While he often will say he's retired, his vision and insight continues to be sought after in this important media space.  

Catch this episode to hear more about how he was cannabis before cannabis was cool -- and how ability to fund and flip news outlets has been among his most rewarding career highlights.  

Can't Knock the Hustle with Jason Wagenheim
March 18

Jason Wagenheim is the President and Chief Revenue Officer for Bustle Digital Group, a remarkable lifestyle brand hosting news outlets like;, Gawker, W Magazine and a dozen others.  

The pandemic brought challenges and obstacles that Jason and his team met with innovation, compelling content and strong networking -- and delivered them into 2022 with a robust outlook.  

Jason illustrates the importance of a well-rounded background, good interpersonal skills and true grit in the business of media.  He's also got a side hustle that Lisa shares after the conversation concludes -- East End Cowboy BBQ.  

Jump in to hear these two high school pals catch up. 

Insight Comes from Learning Something New -- Matt Lewis
March 11

Matt Lewis is a columnist for The Daily Beast, author of "Too Dumb to Fail," and host of the podcast "Matt Lewis and The News."

Matt jumps into the conversation with Lisa revealing he once aspired to be a political operative, but quickly turned to covering politics as the blog community was emerging as an important news source.  

Matt's point of view is always refreshing and insightful and he confesses that his primary goal in his reporting is to always be learning something new.  Jump into today's episode and do the same.  He's got lots of great advise for columnists, authors and bloggers.  

Covering the Pentagon and the World of Defense - with Valerie Insinna
March 4

Breaking Defense's Valerie Insinna knew journalism would be a way to travel and see great things -- fast forward to today, she's covering the Pentagon and the Air Force for one of the best news outlets covering defense.  

Her reporting has brought her to travel to remote parts of the globe, interview at the highest level of the defense world and even train for "what ifs" when riding in military aircraft.  When she's not reporting on the world of defense, she's enjoying entrepreneurial content creators on YouTube and reading for entertainment.  

Drop into today's episode to learn more about Valerie and the world of defense reporting. 

Reporting from the White House -- with Tarini Parti
February 25

Tarini Parti is a White House reporter for the Wall Street Journal -- and while she shares the beat with a handful of colleagues, the work is intense and remarkable all at once. 

Tarini shares what it's like to cover a President and Vice President, the collaboration that goes with covering the biggest news of the day and how travel and reporting are keeping her going. 

Tune in to find out more about Tarini Parti and her work for the Wall Street Journal.   

Catching up with podcast host and award-winning columnist Mary C. Curtis
February 18

As a very young woman from Baltimore, Mary C. Curtis' journalism inspiration came from her lived experience.  Her family's involvement in the civil rights movement coupled with strong work ethic catapulted her into a widely successful career.  Today Mary is the host of CQ Roll Call's Equal Time podcast, an award-winning columnist, an NPR contributor and a senior facilitator for The OpEd Project -- among many, many other interests.  

She shares her inspiration for content creation through the use of historical perspective, a love of the arts and the need for self-care in today's episode.  When asked who influences her, Mary highlights her strong network of colleagues, family and her book club during the conversation. She splits her time between Charlotte, N.C. and Washington, D.C. and offers some great perspective for FR listeners.

Be sure to listen to this terrific episode!

Reporting on Wildlife Conservation and News with Christine Dell'Amore
February 11

This week's episode guest is National Geographic Senior Animals Editor Christine Dell'Amore.  Celebrating 15 years with the organization, Christine has covered a wide range of issues and traveled to every continent on the globe, including a rare visit to the Antarctica and South Pole -- that resulted a book - South Pole -- that Lisa is adding the the Friday Reporter book shelf and looking forward to reading. 

Listen in today to learn more about Christine's impressive journalism career, the work of National Geographic and the various areas of nature and wildlife that they cover in a variety of ways. 

Hosting Conversations with America -- John McArdle
February 4

John McArdle is the host and producer for Washington Journal on CSPAN -- a 3 hour show that airs 365 days a year and takes up to 60 calls every day.  What sets their show apart is how they take calls from all sides of the discussion happening on the show and inside of Washington, D.C.   While sometimes those calls that can be dicey, McArdle and his colleagues handle them with tremendous grace.  

John's interest in journalism started in high school where he worked for his school paper, he went onto college and was fortunate enough to intern at Roll Call, where he landed his first official journalism job.  From that Capitol Hill experience to E&E News and then finally his post today at CSPAN, John is widely regarded by his colleagues as a tremendous arbiter of conversation and appreciated member of the journalism class in D.C.

Give it a listen!

Unusually Intense Coverage of the V.P. - with Noah Bierman
January 28

Noah Bierman with the L.A. Times finds himself covering an historic vice president after covering an historic and busy previous White House.  

His journalism career has brought him to many corners of the country while covering many interesting news beats.  His perspective on journalism, news of the day and Vice President Kamala Harris is super interesting.  We're so lucky to have caught him for this episode.  

Listen in to hear more about Noah and his impressive journalism career!

Resourceful Journalism with Daniel Lippman
January 21

Daniel Lippman is a reporter covering the White House and Washington, D.C. for Politico.  His unconventional way of arriving on the scene -- through the use of copy editing final stories and then contacting the journalists -- endeared him to hundreds of journalists in his early years.  It also introduced him to the highest level of media and secured him a great beat at one of the nation's best news outlets.  

Daniel shares how he transformed that early model into a successful means to maintain and grow his tremendous network of reporters and sources in D.C. and across the country.  

Drop into today's episode for some terrific tips on how to build your own network like a pro. 

In the Center of Politics with Howard Mortman at C-SPAN
January 14

Lisa visits today with Howard Mortman the communications director for C-SPAN.  Howard has a daily bird's eye view of the political process -- from the U.S. House to U.S. Senate to the Administration and all the ways industries aim to influence these bodies of government.  

Howard highlights how C-SPAN's model really changed the way we view elected leaders in their day to day processes -- and influenced the 24 hour news cycle as it exists day -- while strictly maintaining neutrality.  

He also previews some of the new technologies the network is bringing online in 2022, the excitement that the midterm elections promise to bring and how C-SPAN is funded as a non-profit news outlet.  

Give it a listen!

Changing America One Story at a Time - with Brian Howard
December 17

The Hill Newspaper launched a great new brand called "Changing America'' just before March 2020 -- and before the world shut down.  Their reporting is focused in on positive news stories in a variety of policy areas and is truly offering inspiring insight when it is so desperately needed.  

Brian shares perspective on how their "news adjacent" operating style is bringing inspiring pieces to their audience - while assuring that their content is tied to the narratives in the larger media space.  

Brian's perspective on pitches and the importance of "telling him something new," is really great advice for those trying to pitch him and his team. 

Listen in!

Trend Setting in Political Journalism with David Wildstein
December 10

This week's episode is with David Wildstein, editor and founder of the New Jersey Globe.  David talks with Lisa about his early days when he created an insider's must read publication 20 years ago -- PoliticsNJ -- that was truly a ground breaking and news making publication in New Jersey and across the country.  

David's experience as a political operative and his knowledge of political history makes his coverage both new and deeply rooted in historical context.  David covers New Jersey politics, but has great perspective on polling and how what happened in N.J. on Election Day 2021 will translate into what could happen on Election Day 2022.  

Give this one a listen to hear about how reporting in N.J. has changed since Lisa was a campaign manager in 1999 -- along with many other great political perspectives from the great David Wildstein. 

The World of Audio with Joanne Levine from CQ Roll Call
December 3

Joanne Levine is the Executive Producer at CQ Roll Call and was nominated from previous guest Shawn Zeller for whom Joanne is the producer of his podcast. 

Joanne has a full experience in the space of audio and is a content creator for the well known Hill publication CQ Roll Call.  She offers advice and thoughts on podcasting, content creation and the intimacy of audio media.  

She is also an advocate and outspoken member of the D.C. community and found herself editorializing on education during the pandemic in a published piece in the Washington Post.  

Give today's episode a link to get a sense of what it's like to be a storyteller and turning those stories into great sound.  

Independent Journalism Needs Your Support - Meet Josh Kurtz
November 26

On the eve of Giving Tuesday and the holiday season, join The Friday Reporter in making a contribution to a robust media operation -- created by the great Josh Kurtz.  

Josh has nearly 35 years journalism experience, and with his experience he built Maryland Matters which is an online news outlet that covers state government and state politics.  As a non-profit news organization they rely on the support of their readers - and advocates like us - to keep their effort advancing.  

Join me in making a contribution to Josh and his team to show your support.  Up until December 31, up to $1000 in donations will be doubled!

Listen in to learn more.  

Reporting on the Friendly Skies with Oriana Pawlyk
November 19

Today's guest is Oriana Pawlyk from Politico and was nominated by Marcus Weisgerber from Defense One (and also her spouse!).  

Oriana covers commercial aviation for Politico at an interesting time for the industry.  The conversation examines all aspects of the economy that the industry touches -- and how Members of Congress have a clear perspective on the industry she covers. Her background was in the military space and she shares some insight on being a woman in that part of the journalism.  You'll be surprised to hear that many in that beat are women!

Give this one a listen and learn more about this important part of the U.S. economy and a top flight journalist that is keeping them on their toes.  

Where Politics, Reporting and Business Mix -- with Anna Palmer
November 12

This week's episode is with Founder and CEO of Punchbowl News -- Anna Palmer.  

Formerly of  Politico (Playbook &  Influence), Roll Call and a half dozen other remarkable Washington D.C. news sources, Anna has launched a new news-breaking outlet in Punchbowl News with John Bresnahan, Jake Sherman and Rachel Schindler.  And in less than a year, they've make an indelible mark in the Capitol and Inside the Beltway.  

Tune in to learn how Anna got her start and how she's juggling reporting and building a news empire!

Journalism is a Family Affair with Brendan and Matthew Daly
November 5

This is an extra fun episode with twin brothers -- Matthew Daly from the Associated Press and Brendan Daly a former reporter who is now in the public affairs space.  

They come from a long line of reporters from their grandfather who started in 1916. The brothers offer a unique point of view about reporting, communications, covering Capitol Hill and - most importantly, perhaps - being the editors in chief of their family's 100 year old "newspaper."

Join me for a great conversation with Brendan and Matt!

Networking and the Oprah Show -- with Marianne Levine
October 29

Marianne Levine covers the U.S. Senate for Politico and is undoubtedly one of the best networked reporters Lisa has ever met. She is great at connecting with sources - even when there is not a pending story - and knows the value of staying connected.  

Marianne hails from California and tells some terrific stories about how her early experience has led her to show up in order to build trust and understand the dynamics of various government institutes.  

Tune in to hear about how difficult it is to track down old episodes of the Oprah Show -- and how her exceptional reporting uncovered a Washington D.C. scandal that led to the withdrawal of a cabinet secretary nomination.  

The Business of Defense with Marcus Weisgerber
October 22

This week's episode is with the super-talented Marcus Weisgerber from Defense One.  His coverage allows him to explore the business side of defending the nation, along with many other diverse topics in this issues area. He especially enjoys when his coverage turns to Air Force One - because it's a topic that generates an extra level of audience interest.

Marcus and his journalism team at Defense One deliver a publication must-read for inside the Beltway, the Pentagon and the board rooms of all levels of defense contracting.  He's also the proud papa to Brooklyn the Golden - who makes her voice heard toward the end of this fun conversation.  

You won't want to miss it. 

Specialty Media is the Best Training Ground - with Sarah Karlin-Smith
October 15

This week, Lisa visits with Sarah Karlin-Smith from the Pink Sheet -- an over 100 year old publication focused in on the world of pharmaceuticals and health care policy.  

Sarah offers great insight to aspiring journalists -- look to the specialty media outlets for exceptional journalism experience. It's how she got her start and became a force in D.C. as a top health care reporter.  

Tune In!

Catching NYT's Jonathan Martin on Capitol Hill
October 8

What a lucky opportunity to catch Jonathan Martin - national political correspondent for New York Times - on Capitol Hill during the debate on the landmark infrastructure bill in 2021.  

Jonathan's covering national politics and how it plays out in the arena on Capitol Hill -- while also writing a great book about the historic times in which we're living today in 2021.  All tips and insights for this book (due in early 2022) should be directed to  

Audio is a little spotty in times -- stick with it!

Reader Engagement is Part of the Job with Jonathan Tamari
October 1

Today's guest is Jonathan Tamari from the Philadelphia Inquirer.  He rounds out the short series of great reporters covering Lisa's home state of New Jersey -- from Washington, D.C. 

Jonathan's experience as a journalist started early with the lucky opportunity to cover the Olympic Torch's visit to his hometown; launched his career on September 11,  and continues today with the prioritization of smart political reporting for the battleground of Pennsylvania.  

The conversation touches on cheese steaks, the priority of answering reader inquiries and holding integrity up at all costs.  

Give it a listen today!

From Speechwriter & Communicator to Podcast Host - Jean Card
September 24

This week's episode is with Jean Card from Jean Card Ink - a communicator who has gone before Lisa to create Bipodisan Podcast.  

The concept of the podcast is for the hosts (former speechwriters) to elevate issues of the day and share their perspective from a speechwriter's view.  

Listen into this conversation to learn more about Bipodisan and the extraordinary Jean Card!

Jersey, Ethics and the Mets -- Meet Jonathan Salant
September 17

Jonathan Salant from New Jersey Advance Media is a long-time newsman with terrific stories about journalism and wise words for public relations execs.  

Lisa was lucky enough to visit with Jonathan and hear how he translates D.C. for readers in N.J. 

Don't miss this fun conversation with a dynamite journalist.

The Crossroads -- White House & Capitol Hill Reporting with Seung Min Kim
September 10

Always with a desire to be a journalist, Seung Min Kim came to Washington, D.C. after a short stint in the Garden State and has a sky-rocketing career.  

Keep an eye on this extraordinary journalist who covers all the happenings between Capitol Hill and the White House.  Her work is tremendous and often you can find her on the 'tube on Sundays reporting on the latest and greatest.  

Learn more about Seung Min Kim from the Washington Post this week!

Writing "In Trump's Shadow" while Reporting in a Pandemic - with David Drucker
September 3

David Drucker from the Washington Examiner didn't leave college with a dream of being a journalist -- in fact, he began his career as an entrepreneur.  From that experience he has grown a successful career as a journalist -- and now an author.  

Tune in for an engaging conversation about life and living inside the Beltway, while keeping an eye on elections and the future.  

Reporters are Frustrated Rock Stars - with Carl Hulse
August 27

Carl Hulse is the Chief Washington Correspondent for the New York Times, but that isn't nearly the most interesting thing about him.  From writing a book (Confirmation Bias) to playing in a band (Native Makers) to dreaming about becoming a novelist, Carl has a background that is as interesting as the news he covers everyday.  

Listen into today's episode to hear more about what it's like to cover Capitol Hill for the New York Times -- and the world.  

Meet the Washington Free Beacon
August 20

Today's guest is Aaron Harison the president of the Washington Free Beacon -- a conservative news outlet based in Washington, D.C. 

Lisa visits with Aaron about the impetus for forming the publication, the types of stories their reporters seek out, and how it is he came to make a real name for their news outlet inside of Washington, D.C. 

Give it a listen and learn more about their publication. 

Author - Columnist - Mentor -- Meet Jackie Calmes from L.A. Times
August 13

Jackie Calmes left home in Chicago and began her career in a small town of Abilene, TX.  Her career has found reporting for some of the most impressive media outlets in the U.S. 

Today, Jackie proudly shares her career move to columnist and author, to which both have Lisa and the FR audience looking very much forward.  Don't miss reading her newest book, Dissent, which follows the Kavanaugh life cycle and and how it so closely aligns with the changes in today's Republican Party.  

Her first opinion column for the L.A. Times is on track for later this month - so don't miss that either. Tune into today's episode to learn more!

Behind the Lens with Tom Williams
August 6

Today Lisa visits with Tom Williams fro CQ Roll Call about what it's like to be a photo journalist in the U.S. Capitol Building.  From 9/11 to January 6, Tom has had a front row seat for history and has captured it in the beautiful photography he produces.  

Lisa is especially proud to have been with Tom at his first-ever Bruce Springsteen concert. Come for the Jersey references, stay for the reflections on what it was like to be in the Capitol on Jan. 6.  

Energy and Environmental Politics with Emma Dumain
July 30

Today's episode is with Emma Dumain from E&E News -- a Washington, D.C. -- based publication focused specifically on energy and the environment -- that holds no punches while covering Congress.  

Emma's career covering the Congress helped her navigate the pandemic while also changing jobs, raising a little one, and meeting daily challenges with tremendous grace.
She also shares some great stories about the camaraderie that is the Capitol Hill press corps and how they worked together to deliver breaking news during 2020/2021.  

Don't miss this fun convo!

From Capitol Hill to CrossFit Media -- Meet Justin LoFranco
July 23

This week on Friday Reporter, Lisa visits with Justin LoFranco, a former Hill communicator turned premium content-creator and founder of The Morning Chalk-Up.  

Justin took his experience leveraging digital messages for the highest elected officials in Congress and turned it into a wildly-successful news platform covering a multinational fitness revolution.  

Just on the eve of the CrossFit Games -- the Super Bowl of CrossFit athletes -- Justin visits with Lisa about the impact 2020 had on the industry and a variety of other topics.  

If you're a communicator looking to build a media brand -- don't miss this one!

Heard in the White House Briefing Room -- with Alex Gangitano
July 16

Today's guest is Alex Gangitano from The Hill Newspaper, who started her career covering Congress, moved to the lobbying beat and is now a White House Correspondent. 

Her career path literally moved down Pennsylvania Avenue, but in the ways of Washington, D.C., so did her sources.  

Alex also started a foundation in memory of her good friend Kelli Holbrook and is spending her spare time raising money and helping those affected by childhood cancers. 

Give this one a listen!

Following Trends and Predicting Political Outcomes with Amy Walter
July 9

On today's episode, Lisa visits with Amy Walter from the Cook Political Report.  Amy is also a contributor to the PBS NewsHour and has a long and impressive list of accomplishments in the national media space.  

Amy's objective and insightful political analysis is a resource to her colleagues in the media, as well as a force of market change inside political campaigns.  

Lisa and Amy visit on the challenges facing the polling industry, the value in analysis and the importance of considering history when considering the current political environment.  

Give it a listen!

Meet the First Reporter I Ever Pitched
July 2

This week's episode is with Herb Jackson, who is now with CQ Roll Call covering elections all across the country from inside Washington, D.C.  

His earlier career was in the State House bureau in Trenton, N.J. where Lisa started her career.  From the political nature of New Jersey's everything to covering Washington, D.C. and elections during a pandemic, this episode was a fun "walk to Washington," if you will.  

Listen In!

Covering the Largest Criminal Investigation in U.S. History
June 25

This week's episode is with Scott MacFarlane from NBC4 in Washington, D.C. 

Scott has a fascinating background from journalism to Capitol Hill and then back to journalism -- and is now covering everything January 6 Capitol insurrection.  His work is getting tremendous coverage -- and growing his audience every single day.  

His perspective in today's episode is especially relevant to communicators because he's sat on both sides of the microphone -- and he offers some terrific advice.  

Don't miss this episode!

Affordable Care, Politics and Pottery with Jennifer Haberkorn
June 18

This week's episode is with Jennifer Haberkorn from the L.A. Times and such a fun conversation.  Jennifer covered the Affordable Care Act when it was in its infancy and now covers Congress for the folks of Los Angeles, California.  

Her perspective on the parallels is terrific and her ability to disconnect from the busy life of reporting is also super appreciated and advised!

Listen In!

Forecast Sunshine with Janice Dean
June 11

In this week's episode, Lisa visits with Fox News meteorologist and all-time positive content creator Janice Dean.  They discuss how she came to be forecasting weather on a political news station and how it contributes to her success as an author of numerous best-selling books.  

Her latest book is titled, "Make Your Own Sunshine" is a wonderful read of heart-warming stories.  Be sure to check out this episode and Janice's latest book!

Female Broadcasters Series - Changes in Power Make News - Susan Davis
June 4
This week Lisa visits with Susan Davis from National Public Radio -- and they get into the most important and fun times to cover news in Washington, D.C.

Sue's career has been a great one to follow and moving into broadcast has been a great transition for her.  Don't miss this episode!

Punching In with John Bresnahan
May 28

In this week's episode Lisa visits with John Bresnahan with Punchbowl News -- a new and groundbreaking news outlet in Washington, D.C.  His path to journalism is not the traditional path, but it has led to a successful and remarkable career.  

Give it a listen! 

Transactions are Currency in Washington, D.C. with Brody Mullins
May 21

In today's episode, Lisa visits with Brody Mullins from the Wall Street Journal.  Their conversation covers Washington, D.C. and the business community, the value of cultivating relationships and the importance of balancing work life with coaching baseball.  

Give it a listen!

Under the Dome on January 6 with Paul Kane
May 14

In today's episode, Lisa visits with Paul Kane from the Washington Post.  Paul's coverage of New Jersey politics qualifies him for a masters degree, but his first-hand account of how the situation unfolded in the Capitol on January 6 is unlike any other account you've yet heard.  

This is a must listen. 

When Politics and Soap Operas Intersect - with Abby Livingston
May 7

In today's episode, Lisa visits with Abby Livingston - the Washington Bureau chief for the Texas Tribune.  Abby tells a great tale of how her dream to write soap operas turned into a career in political journalism.  Springsteen and New Jersey love is strong in this episode.  

Give it a listen!

Female Broadcasters Series - Loving the Switch from Print to Radio with Julie Mason
April 30

Lisa visits in today's episode with Julie Mason from Sirius XM where they talk about how music lured Julie to DC and made her a radio star.  

This might be the most fun interview yet. Don't miss it!

Under the Golden Dome with Mike Catalini
April 23

This week, Lisa visits with Mike Catalini from the Trenton, NJ bureau of the Associated Press.  Lisa gets to reminisce about storming press row with old school paper releases, and Mike catches her up on all things Garden State.  

Note: in the convo we mention the Capitol Police officer that was lost in the January 6 event at the Capitol was from Saddle River -- CORRECTION: it was South River.  

This is a convo you won't want to miss. 

At the Intersection of Politics and Business -- Kate Ackley
April 16

In today's episode, Lisa visits with Kate Ackley from CQ Roll Call.  They discuss the impact politics has on business, how managing a busy life has been during the quarantine, and how much media has changed over the course of the time they've known one another.  

Tune In!!

From Stand-up Comedy to Vaccine Hunting with Elahe Izadi
April 9

On this week's episode, Lisa visits with Elahe Izadi from the Washington Post.  Elahe covers media for the Post, does stand-up comedy (when there isn't a global pandemic) and has recently found a second hobby in vaccine hunting. 

Tune In!

Rapport and Good Timing Are Key to Shawn Zeller
April 2

In today's episode, Shawn Zeller from CQ/Roll Call talks with Lisa about the importance of flaks having a rapport with writers.  His column and other writing relies on resources on Capitol Hill and the best coverage comes with good timing. 

The Story needs Real People for Kate Sheppard
March 26

On this week's episode, Lisa chats with Kate Sheppard from The Huffington Post about avoiding news fatigue and developing stories that are directly relevant to actual readers.  

Never Lie to Joey Bunch
March 19

In today's episode, Lisa takes Chris Frates' recommendation and goes outside the beltway to visit with Joey Bunch from -- and what a great storyteller he is!  

His most important lesson?  Don't lie to a reporter.  You'll never get that credibility back.  

Surf the News with Chris Frates
March 19

In today's episode, Lisa chats with Chris Frates of the Storyline Company.  Former reporter turned flak, Frates give a rundown on the differences on both sides of the business.  And offers some insight on how to be successful. 

News That Isn't Medicine with Jackie Kucinich
March 12

On today's episode, Lisa visits with Jackie Kucinich from the Daily Beast.  From best practices for virtual media hits to leveraging your network for media success, this interview is a must-listen. 

Trends and Target with Emily Singer
March 8

In a shorter interview with fellow Jersey girl Emily Singer from the American Independent, Lisa asks how she juggles a busy work schedule, an 18 month old and a busy life -- all while maintaining her sense of humor.  

When Given a Choice, Choose Journalism -- Chris Stirewalt
March 5

On today's episode of the Friday Reporter, Lisa talks with Chris Stirewalt (formerly of FOX News) now with the Dispatch about how he got into journalism and how the pandemic has changed the pace of life. 

Relationships Matter with Reid Wilson from The Hill
February 19

In today's episode, Lisa visits with Reid Wilson from The Hill newspaper.  Wilson offers great insight into how public affairs execs can land stories, what works today, and how it is to write a book about a pandemic before a pandemic hits. 


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