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Jersey, Ethics and the Mets -- Meet Jonathan Salant
September 17

Jonathan Salant from New Jersey Advance Media is a long-time newsman with terrific stories about journalism and wise words for public relations execs.  

Lisa was lucky enough to visit with Jonathan and hear how he translates D.C. for readers in N.J. 

Don't miss this fun conversation with a dynamite journalist.

The Crossroads -- White House & Capitol Hill Reporting with Seung Min Kim
September 10

Always with a desire to be a journalist, Seung Min Kim came to Washington, D.C. after a short stint in the Garden State and has a sky-rocketing career.  

Keep an eye on this extraordinary journalist who covers all the happenings between Capitol Hill and the White House.  Her work is tremendous and often you can find her on the 'tube on Sundays reporting on the latest and greatest.  

Learn more about Seung Min Kim from the Washington Post this week!

Writing "In Trump's Shadow" while Reporting in a Pandemic - with David Drucker
September 3

David Drucker from the Washington Examiner didn't leave college with a dream of being a journalist -- in fact, he began his career as an entrepreneur.  From that experience he has grown a successful career as a journalist -- and now an author.  

Tune in for an engaging conversation about life and living inside the Beltway, while keeping an eye on elections and the future.  

Reporters are Frustrated Rock Stars - with Carl Hulse
August 27

Carl Hulse is the Chief Washington Correspondent for the New York Times, but that isn't nearly the most interesting thing about him.  From writing a book (Confirmation Bias) to playing in a band (Native Makers) to dreaming about becoming a novelist, Carl has a background that is as interesting as the news he covers everyday.  

Listen into today's episode to hear more about what it's like to cover Capitol Hill for the New York Times -- and the world.  

Meet the Washington Free Beacon
August 20

Today's guest is Aaron Harison the president of the Washington Free Beacon -- a conservative news outlet based in Washington, D.C. 

Lisa visits with Aaron about the impetus for forming the publication, the types of stories their reporters seek out, and how it is he came to make a real name for their news outlet inside of Washington, D.C. 

Give it a listen and learn more about their publication. 

Author - Columnist - Mentor -- Meet Jackie Calmes from L.A. Times
August 13

Jackie Calmes left home in Chicago and began her career in a small town of Abilene, TX.  Her career has found reporting for some of the most impressive media outlets in the U.S. 

Today, Jackie proudly shares her career move to columnist and author, to which both have Lisa and the FR audience looking very much forward.  Don't miss reading her newest book, Dissent, which follows the Kavanaugh life cycle and and how it so closely aligns with the changes in today's Republican Party.  

Her first opinion column for the L.A. Times is on track for later this month - so don't miss that either. Tune into today's episode to learn more!

Behind the Lens with Tom Williams
August 6

Today Lisa visits with Tom Williams fro CQ Roll Call about what it's like to be a photo journalist in the U.S. Capitol Building.  From 9/11 to January 6, Tom has had a front row seat for history and has captured it in the beautiful photography he produces.  

Lisa is especially proud to have been with Tom at his first-ever Bruce Springsteen concert. Come for the Jersey references, stay for the reflections on what it was like to be in the Capitol on Jan. 6.  

Energy and Environmental Politics with Emma Dumain
July 30

Today's episode is with Emma Dumain from E&E News -- a Washington, D.C. -- based publication focused specifically on energy and the environment -- that holds no punches while covering Congress.  

Emma's career covering the Congress helped her navigate the pandemic while also changing jobs, raising a little one, and meeting daily challenges with tremendous grace.
She also shares some great stories about the camaraderie that is the Capitol Hill press corps and how they worked together to deliver breaking news during 2020/2021.  

Don't miss this fun convo!

From Capitol Hill to CrossFit Media -- Meet Justin LoFranco
July 23

This week on Friday Reporter, Lisa visits with Justin LoFranco, a former Hill communicator turned premium content-creator and founder of The Morning Chalk-Up.  

Justin took his experience leveraging digital messages for the highest elected officials in Congress and turned it into a wildly-successful news platform covering a multinational fitness revolution.  

Just on the eve of the CrossFit Games -- the Super Bowl of CrossFit athletes -- Justin visits with Lisa about the impact 2020 had on the industry and a variety of other topics.  

If you're a communicator looking to build a media brand -- don't miss this one!

Heard in the White House Briefing Room -- with Alex Gangitano
July 16

Today's guest is Alex Gangitano from The Hill Newspaper, who started her career covering Congress, moved to the lobbying beat and is now a White House Correspondent. 

Her career path literally moved down Pennsylvania Avenue, but in the ways of Washington, D.C., so did her sources.  

Alex also started a foundation in memory of her good friend Kelli Holbrook and is spending her spare time raising money and helping those affected by childhood cancers. 

Give this one a listen!

Following Trends and Predicting Political Outcomes with Amy Walter
July 9

On today's episode, Lisa visits with Amy Walter from the Cook Political Report.  Amy is also a contributor to the PBS NewsHour and has a long and impressive list of accomplishments in the national media space.  

Amy's objective and insightful political analysis is a resource to her colleagues in the media, as well as a force of market change inside political campaigns.  

Lisa and Amy visit on the challenges facing the polling industry, the value in analysis and the importance of considering history when considering the current political environment.  

Give it a listen!

Meet the First Reporter I Ever Pitched
July 2

This week's episode is with Herb Jackson, who is now with CQ Roll Call covering elections all across the country from inside Washington, D.C.  

His earlier career was in the State House bureau in Trenton, N.J. where Lisa started her career.  From the political nature of New Jersey's everything to covering Washington, D.C. and elections during a pandemic, this episode was a fun "walk to Washington," if you will.  

Listen In!

Covering the Largest Criminal Investigation in U.S. History
June 25

This week's episode is with Scott MacFarlane from NBC4 in Washington, D.C. 

Scott has a fascinating background from journalism to Capitol Hill and then back to journalism -- and is now covering everything January 6 Capitol insurrection.  His work is getting tremendous coverage -- and growing his audience every single day.  

His perspective in today's episode is especially relevant to communicators because he's sat on both sides of the microphone -- and he offers some terrific advice.  

Don't miss this episode!

Affordable Care, Politics and Pottery with Jennifer Haberkorn
June 18

This week's episode is with Jennifer Haberkorn from the L.A. Times and such a fun conversation.  Jennifer covered the Affordable Care Act when it was in its infancy and now covers Congress for the folks of Los Angeles, California.  

Her perspective on the parallels is terrific and her ability to disconnect from the busy life of reporting is also super appreciated and advised!

Listen In!

Forecast Sunshine with Janice Dean
June 11

In this week's episode, Lisa visits with Fox News meteorologist and all-time positive content creator Janice Dean.  They discuss how she came to be forecasting weather on a political news station and how it contributes to her success as an author of numerous best-selling books.  

Her latest book is titled, "Make Your Own Sunshine" is a wonderful read of heart-warming stories.  Be sure to check out this episode and Janice's latest book!

Changes in Power Dynamics Make News w Susan Davis
June 4

This week Lisa visits with Susan Davis from National Public Radio -- and they get into the most important and fun times to cover news in Washington, D.C.

Sue's career has been a great one to follow and moving into broadcast has been a great transition for her.  Don't miss this episode!

Drinking the Punch with John Bresnahan
May 28

In this week's episode Lisa visits with John Bresnahan with Punchbowl News -- a new and groundbreaking news outlet in Washington, D.C.  His path to journalism is not the traditional path, but it has led to a successful and remarkable career.  

Give it a listen! 

Transactions are Currency in Washington, D.C. with Brody Mullins
May 21

In today's episode, Lisa visits with Brody Mullins from the Wall Street Journal.  Their conversation covers Washington, D.C. and the business community, the value of cultivating relationships and the importance of balancing work life with coaching baseball.  

Give it a listen!

Under the Dome on January 6 with Paul Kane
May 14

In today's episode, Lisa visits with Paul Kane from the Washington Post.  Paul's coverage of New Jersey politics qualifies him for a masters degree, but his first-hand account of how the situation unfolded in the Capitol on January 6 is unlike any other account you've yet heard.  

This is a must listen. 

When Politics and Soap Operas Intersect - with Abby Livingston
May 7

In today's episode, Lisa visits with Abby Livingston - the Washington Bureau chief for the Texas Tribune.  Abby tells a great tale of how her dream to write soap operas turned into a career in political journalism.  Springsteen and New Jersey love is strong in this episode.  

Give it a listen!

Loving the Switch from Print to Radio with Julie Mason
April 30

Lisa visits in today's episode with Julie Mason from Sirius XM where they talk about how music lured Julie to DC and made her a radio star.  

This might be the most fun interview yet. Don't miss it!

Under the Golden Dome with Mike Catalini
April 23

This week, Lisa visits with Mike Catalini from the Trenton, NJ bureau of the Associated Press.  Lisa gets to reminisce about storming press row with old school paper releases, and Mike catches her up on all things Garden State.  

Note: in the convo we mention the Capitol Police officer that was lost in the January 6 event at the Capitol was from Saddle River -- CORRECTION: it was South River.  

This is a convo you won't want to miss. 

At the Intersection of Politics and Business -- Kate Ackley
April 16

In today's episode, Lisa visits with Kate Ackley from CQ Roll Call.  They discuss the impact politics has on business, how managing a busy life has been during the quarantine, and how much media has changed over the course of the time they've known one another.  

Tune In!!

From Stand-up Comedy to Vaccine Hunting with Elahe Izadi
April 9

On this week's episode, Lisa visits with Elahe Izadi from the Washington Post.  Elahe covers media for the Post, does stand-up comedy (when there isn't a global pandemic) and has recently found a second hobby in vaccine hunting. 

Tune In!

Rapport and Good Timing Are Key to Shawn Zeller
April 2

In today's episode, Shawn Zeller from CQ/Roll Call talks with Lisa about the importance of flaks having a rapport with writers.  His column and other writing relies on resources on Capitol Hill and the best coverage comes with good timing. 

The Story needs Real People for Kate Sheppard
March 26

On this week's episode, Lisa chats with Kate Sheppard from The Huffington Post about avoiding news fatigue and developing stories that are directly relevant to actual readers.  

Never Lie to Joey Bunch
March 19

In today's episode, Lisa takes Chris Frates' recommendation and goes outside the beltway to visit with Joey Bunch from -- and what a great storyteller he is!  

His most important lesson?  Don't lie to a reporter.  You'll never get that credibility back.  

Surf the News with Chris Frates
March 19

In today's episode, Lisa chats with Chris Frates of the Storyline Company.  Former reporter turned flak, Frates give a rundown on the differences on both sides of the business.  And offers some insight on how to be successful. 

News That Isn't Medicine with Jackie Kucinich
March 12

On today's episode, Lisa visits with Jackie Kucinich from the Daily Beast.  From best practices for virtual media hits to leveraging your network for media success, this interview is a must-listen. 

Trends and Target with Emily Singer
March 8

In a shorter interview with fellow Jersey girl Emily Singer from the American Independent, Lisa asks how she juggles a busy work schedule, an 18 month old and a busy life -- all while maintaining her sense of humor.  

When Given a Choice, Choose Journalism -- Chris Stirewalt
March 5

On today's episode of the Friday Reporter, Lisa talks with Chris Stirewalt (formerly of FOX News) now with the Dispatch about how he got into journalism and how the pandemic has changed the pace of life. 

Relationships Matter with Reid Wilson from The Hill
February 19

In today's episode, Lisa visits with Reid Wilson from The Hill newspaper.  Wilson offers great insight into how public affairs execs can land stories, what works today, and how it is to write a book about a pandemic before a pandemic hits. 


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