10 alternatives to PowerPoint

This array of tools can add zing to your presentation. Take a look, and size up which one would work best for you.

This story originally ran on PR Daily in March 2013. 1. PreZentit

With PreZentit, all you need is a Web browser to create a presentation with its own URL. You can download the presentation for display without an Internet connection. It has limited functions, but the ease of use makes it worth a try for on-the-spot pitches.

2. Prezi

Convert your PowerPoint for the Web or create a presentation right within your browser. Prezi sets itself apart with the ability to craft interactive visual mind maps, use 3-D zoom, and turn your slides into a cinematic experience.

3. Google Docs Presentations

Anyone with a Google account can create presentations right inside Google Docs. You won’t find all the features available in PowerPoint, but it is free. It’s your best bet for collaborative projects because, like any other Google Doc, you can share it with others for real-time editing on the cloud.

4. Keynote

Sorry PCs, but this one is limited to Mac users. It comes with the iWork software suite, or you can buy it a la carte. Keynote will satisfy designers with its many attractive features, and its compatibility with iPhone and iPad are making it the go-to choice for mobile professionals.

5. Brainshark

Brainshark—along with its mobile app, Slideshark—essentially converts your existing PowerPoint presentation to an online video. Your ideas become available to an unlimited audience at their demand. You’ll have to pay if you want all the capabilities, but you can track your views for free.

6. Vuvox

Vuvox lets you blend pictures, audio, video, and text to create personalized stories, not just presentations. As one of the few tools integrated with social media, it’s highly expressive and sharable.

7. Screencast-O-Matic

Turn your PowerPoint into a screencast and reach beyond the conference table. Screencasts can be shared on YouTube, embedded in websites, and accessed online when you want them.

8. Flair

Flair is definitely not free, but it enables you to build exciting Flash-based presentations without knowing a lick of Flash. Combine audio and video, generate fancy text effects, and create comprehensive educational simulations.

9. SlideRocket

Yet another Web-based program to rival PowerPoint, SlideRocket has a beautiful user interface with many flexible features available for free.

10. SlideSnack

Upload your presentation as a PDF and record it as an audio-visual slidecast. SlideSnack offers a range of custom tools for purchase, but the basic features will get the job done.

Brian Morris writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog. PsPrint is an online commercial printing company. A version of this post first appeared on Business2Community.

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