10 apps to boost PR pros’ productivity

Short on time? These tools can make the most of public relations efforts. 

If you’re a PR agency professional, you know efficiency and organization are crucial to everyday life.

However, it can be challenging when you have several clients to manage, meetings to attend, multiple pitches under way and new business to pursue—along with a personal life.

Thankfully, it’s 2015 and we can embrace technology that makes our limited hours more productive so you can accomplish extra things.

Here are 10 apps for streamlining your daily tasks:

1. Any.do. Create and manage to-do lists and set reminders with this calendar alternative.

There’s an option to share lists with coworkers for team productivity. You can even create separate lists for work, personal and family tasks to organize all aspects of your life in one spot. Any.do is free on iOS and Android.

2. Feedly. Supplement your Twitter feed to keep a pulse on the latest news and trends with this RSS news tracker you can customize.

It syncs with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Evernote, OneNote and Pinterest for easy sharing. Feedly is free on iOS, Android and Amazon.

3. Pocket. When you’re busy multitasking or running to a meeting, Pocket saves articles and videos to view later.

It even works offline so it’s perfect for those dull subway rides. Pocket is free on iOS, Android and Amazon.

4. CamScanner. With CamScanner, your phone or tablet is your scanner.

Take photos of documents and edit, store and sync them on the go. CamScanner is free on iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon.

5. 1Password. How many times have you created a password, only to forget it seconds later?

Do you reuse passwords for different accounts? 1Password can create, remember and encrypt strong, unique passwords—all you need to remember is your password for the app. 1Password is free on iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon.

6. Dropbox. If you deal with large files on a daily basis, Dropbox is an easy solution.

The tool allows you to store and share photos, documents and videos with your teams or for clients. Dropbox is free on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry.

7. Eventbrite. Just because you’re busy doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

Find cool (and often free) events to attend after work for leisure, networking or both (because PR pros know how to multitask).

You can also use this app to set up an easy ticket and check-in system for your clients’ events. Eventbrite is free on iOS and Android.

8. LinkedIn. PR pros are constantly meeting new people, such as reporters and prospective clients.

Staying connected is important, and the mobile version of this popular social platform will help you look up individuals and reach out anytime. LinkedIn is free on iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon and Blackberry.

9. GoToMeeting. You or your colleagues may be away from the office during an important meeting.

Instead of rescheduling calls, GoToMeeting allows you to dial in to voice- or HD- video-conference meetings to share decks and more—all from your mobile device, wherever you are.

GoToMeeting is free to download on iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon; organizer accounts cost $39/month (up to 25 participants) or $56/month (up to 100 participants).

10. TripIt. Sometimes working in PR means being a jetsetter of sorts.

By forwarding your confirmation emails for hotels, flights, restaurants and other reservations, TripIt consolidates all your travel info into one itinerary.

It even looks up directions, maps, weather and other useful information so last-minute trips need not be stressful. TripIt is free on iOS, Android, Windows, Amazon and Blackberry.

Eri Mizobe is an account executive at Crenshaw Communications. A version of this article originally appeared on PR Fish Bowl. (Image via)


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