10 brands with creative Twitter bios

So few companies show their personality in their Twitter bios. We found 10 that do. Come, be inspired.

To gain an edge on the competition in social media, brands need to show some personality. Of course, this can prove tricky if you’re tweeting for a bank or an accounting firm.

Some brands, on the other hand, have more leeway to have fun with, for example, a Twitter bio—which is why it’s a damn travesty that most businesses take the following approach to their bios: “The official Twitter account of Brand X.”

We did a little digging to find 10 companies and brands that use the available 160 characters (or fewer) to flash a little panache. Consider it inspiration.

Wired magazine

The official Twitter bio of Wired magazine lets its 1.5 million-plus followers know who’s in charge of the account—and that he’s having some fun delivering the news.


Unlike its competitors in the airline industry, Southwest offers humor in its bio, while taking the same route as Wired to tell followers who’s piloting the account.


You can see the tongue planted firmly in the cheek of this Twitter bio.

Johnny Cupcakes

Not only does this clothing line please customers with its apparel, but also its Twitter account amuses followers with this bio and its often wacky tweets. Case in point: “I’ve seen living proof that a mullet can indeed increase your bowling stamina. http://instagr.am/p/NKIjbbSOK0/


When your key demographic is middle school students (we assume), you have to use words such as “awesomeness.” If only someone would tell that to Mike and Ike.

Wieden + Kennedy

The number of advertising firms with dull Twitter bios is disheartening. Thankfully, Wieden + Kennedy’s tells followers a little something about the company—without taking itself too seriously.


Simple and bold. The other ad firm with a clever bio could use more characters to explain itself, but it’s confident enough to leave it at that.

Amnesty International

When an organization with as serious a purpose as Amnesty International’s—to protect human rights worldwide—employs the term “bad guys,” you know it’s having a little fun without devaluing the mission. That’s no easy task.


You probably couldn’t pull off a bio as ambiguous as this one. But when you’ve reached the level of brand recognition that Nike enjoys, you can go with something that’s more suitable for a T-shirt than a Twitter feed.

Old Spice

Would you expect anything less from the brand that got into a hilarious faux Twitter beef, or tweef, with Taco Bell?

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