10 marketing trends to watch for in 2017

Brand managers who take advantage of customer service bots, native advertising, location-based SEO and more can get ahead of their competitors. Learn more below.

People have had some pretty harsh things to say about 2016.

We lost many beloved celebrities and public figures (along with Harambe) and weathered a tumultuous presidential election. It didn’t help that when people’s new smartphones weren’t spontaneously combusting (Galaxy Note 7), they failed to impress (iPhone 7).

But fear not—2017 is here, and it (hopefully) promises to make everything better.

Even if we continue to have disappointments, we’re making progress on the branding and marketing side of things. Here are 10 trends you should watch for in the new year:

1. Cognitive insights helping to predict digital behavior.

2. GPS-based search-engine optimization.

3. Content marketing conversion.

4. Balancing marketing automation and authenticity.

5. Increased emphasis on mobile marketing.

6. Native marketing on social media platforms.

7. Balancing mobile and desktop web design.

8. The rise of customer service bots.

9. News media outlets vs. fake news.

10. Using data security as a marketing tool.

For more on these trends (and how you can take advantage of them), check out the infographic from the Borenstein Group below:


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