10 mythical social media tools to make your life easier

They don’t exist, but according to you, they should.

There are countless social media tools to make our personal and work lives easier.

From services that schedule tweets to fashion websites that shop for us, the social Web is revolutionizing our lives—giving us more time to, well, tweet or peruse Facebook (or go outside, whatever).

But there are still some useful tools that elude us. During a recent PR Daily Twitter chat—attendees dreamed up the perfect social media tool:

1. The Measurement and Latte Maker. “One that generates monthly reports, identifies social media trends, and makes lattes,” said @sterlingPR.

2. The Ultimate Analytics Tracker. @WilsonAdv wants “a tool that tracks ALL analytics for EVERY account for FREEEE! And is easy to explain to clients.”

3. The Dolly. How about “an army of clones that doesn’t need sleep,” said @Brian_Lawson.

4. The Viralmaker. @ShannaOConnor suggested “a tool that identifies what type of content will improve virality.”

5. The Aggregator. “A tool that can provide all follower messages from each outlet so I can easily reply to them,” said @Rose_Begonia.

6. The Leprechaun. Oh, why not—@nick_horn wants “A tool that sends a leprechaun to hand-deliver important social media happenings to me in real time, day or night.”

7. The Voice of Reason. There are at least a few people embarrassed by social media that would like @ArevSousa’s suggestion of “a tool that says, ‘Go and drink coffee and rethink that post.'”

8. The Rescuer. Similarly, @kmarnoch offered “a recall and erase button, no matter how stupid the tweet or how far it’s traveled.”

9. The Don’t-Be-A-Jerk. Or, instead of The Voice of Reason and The Rescuer, “a tool that stops you from putting out an offending tweet in the first place,” said @JazzPatron.

10. The Backup Brain. From @jazzpatron: “A back-up brain app.” No explanation needed.

If you could create the social media tool of your dreams, what would it be?

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Samantha Hosenkamp is PR Daily’s social media director.

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