10 signs your boss is out of touch

PR head honchos who still ask about MySpace and the top 25 dailies probably need a crash course in current events.

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1. “Did you fax out the press release?”

(Cue Grumpy Old Man voice) Back in my day, people actually used to fax out press releases. No, seriously. In the year 2000. Didn’t you ever wonder why Cision still includes fax numbers?

2. He or she still has a BlackBerry. And, correspondingly, also perhaps a belt clip.

“I couldn’t live without a physical keyboard!”

3. “Does this media list have the top 25 dailies?”

Are there even 25 total daily newspapers left in this country? There are, but given that the Honolulu Star-Advertiser has a higher average circulation than The Boston Globe, I wouldn’t sweat it.

4. “Are we on MySpace? We should do something on The Facebook.”

The only person on MySpace is Justin Timberlake. Shh. Shhhhhh. Hush, now, social media illiterate. There will be plenty of time for you to discover Facebook when your children go off to college and you humiliate them by commenting on their photos and status updates.

5. “Make sure you run the ad equivalency numbers for the client.”

Ad equivalency values are B.S. Have always been B.S. and will always be B.S.

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