10 things you need to know about the Fortune 100’s use of social media

Burson-Marsteller released its second annual study on social media at Fortune 100 companies. The results: Twitter is Mr. (or Mrs.) Popular. Continue reading.

Burson-Marsteller released its big social media study yesterday, and there are 10 big takeaways you need to know this morning. The study, Burson-Marsteller’s Second Annual Global Social Media Check-up, examines the global Fortune 100 companies’ use of social media, including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs.

1. Twitter is the most popular social media platform. More Fortune 100 companies are using Twitter than any other social media platform, according to the study. Seventy-seven percent of companies have accounts, up from 65 percent last year.

2. Companies are interacting more on Twitter. Last year, the Burson-Marsteller study noted that while Fortune 100 companies are using Twitter, they’re mostly broadcasting their messages. This year, the companies are engaging with stakeholders. The study found that 67 percent of Fortune 100 Twitter accounts are using the @ mention to communicate with people on the social network, and there was a substantial increase (78 percent) in the number of retweets from these accounts.

3. Fortune 100 companies have more Twitter followers. The average number of followers per account increased 241 percent.

4. More people are talking about companies on Twitter. Eight out 10 companies on the global Fortune 100 are talked about on Twitter, according to the study.

5. Facebook use increased by 13 percent. And the number of “likes” on these Facebook pages increased by 115 percent, the study said.

6. Companies are giving their stakeholders a voice on Facebook. Nearly 75 percent of Fortune 100 companies let people post comments on their Facebook walls. Among U.S. companies, 72 percent with Facebook pages responded to people on the wall.

7. The number of YouTube accounts increased.
Now, 57 percent of Fortune 100 companies are using the video-sharing site, compared with 50 percent last year.

8. More companies are using “all four” social media platforms. This year, 25 percent of Fortune 100 companies have Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts, and maintain a blog. Last year, it was 20 percent.

9. Asian companies are helping fuel the increase in social media. The study said there was a 6 percent increase in Fortune 100 companies using at least one social media platform. Among Asian companies the increase amounted to 34 percent.

10. Companies are embracing the blog. While only 36 percent of Fortune 100 companies maintain blogs—which basically held steady from last year—those companies are increasing their use of the tool. For instance, among U.S.-based Fortune 100 companies, the average number of blogs per company increased 63 percent.

Here’s the full study.


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